Marcio Gómez: “The entire group is banking on Bossio, we are going to reverse the situation”


Marcio Gómez made his debut at Racing de Nueva Italia in 2019, with Reinaldo ‘Mostaza’ Merlo. Subsequently, he became a key player with Hernán ‘Tota’ Medina and was crowned with glory with promotion last year, under the command of Carlos ‘Chiquito’ Bossio. For this reason, the central marker became one of the referents at an early age and is an authorized word to talk about the present of the
albiceleste team.

The ‘Academy’ has gone eight games without winning in the First National and on Monday, at 9:20 p.m., the date 17 closes against Quilmes at the Miguel Sancho stadium. Before this match, the defender spoke with Perfil Córdoba and explained that the current situation is not the usual one for his story with the Racing shirt. However, Gómez, who knows about records and promotions with the light blue and white jacket, is very optimistic. “I wasn’t used to having bad times like this, he was always different at this club. But today I really want to help the team out of this situation and do my bit to make things better. I feel very good”, assured one of the youngest defenders in the category.

In this context, regarding the present of the team, the player who came to Nueva Italia from Talleres, affirmed: “Beyond the fact that it is a situation
Not very positive due to the streak we are going through, we try to maintain that calm and confidence that has always existed in the group. We are eager to reverse the situation and the only way that can be achieved is by working. We are convinced that soon everything will be reversed.

—What do you think is the best of the team, so you think you can get the results again?
—The conviction and the union are the main factors for which I think that the results can be given again. From there the tactical improvements are built. In negative streaks, the mental affects you more than the football, so it is necessary to never lose confidence.

—What does it mean for you, as a team, that the leadership has supported Carlos Bossio?
—It makes us happy, because the whole group supports him. He brings us many things and we know that he, along with his coaching staff, gives their best every day so that results are achieved. Surely in recent times they have not occurred, but the work and the desire to improve are always there, both on our part and on the coaching staff.

With the head between the continuity of the DT and the reinforcements

It was a hectic week for Racing de Nueva Italia, after the away defeat against Gimnasia de Jujuy, due to rumors about the continuity of coach Carlos Bossio. By the way, President Manuel Pérez stated: “The only thing I want is to move forward with the club’s situation. I did not speak with another technician nor do I think of a change. Today I support my technical body. I go game by game, ”he said in statements to the La Mesa del Fútbol program. Within this framework, Bossio stated on Radio Sucesos that “soccer is about results. I feel that the team responds and the players stand up for me. As long as that is the case, I will be here, unless the leaders think otherwise. Along the same lines, Pedro Llorens, ‘Chiquito’s’ field assistant, expressed: “It’s at this moment that you realize who you’re counting on. I’m not only talking about the players, we also have the support of the leaders”.
Within this framework, and thinking about the continuity of the First National competition, the club announced the loss of three footballers: Joaquín Mateo, Jorge Scolari and Gabriel Tellas, while working on reinforcements. In that sense, Bossio assured the journalist Juan Manuel Sponton that his head is in Monday’s game against Quilmes and in the recruitment game. “We are working with the leaders to close three or four category reinforcements and take a leap in quality.” By the way, Pérez highlighted: “Today my task is to bring four reinforcements to come and put on the shirt.”

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