Massa insists that the FdT have a single candidate


Upon his return from China, Mass reiterates its intention that the Frente de Todos compete with a single candidate in the PASOas published by Alejandro Gomel in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

There are only nine days left until the alliance presentation closes, and politics seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Massa arrived from his tour of China, and presented the event as a great success. They talk about how she “brought what he went looking for”, and they clarify that he will now turn to local politics again.

Massa’s mini-Marshall

Mainly, insist with a sole candidate and avoid internal ones in the FdT. It warns about the possible consequences in the markets if there is a significant defeat of the ruling party on August 14.

Massa maintains that it is necessary to have a strong candidate as opposed to the divisions and fights that are seen in Together for Change, which go through strong internal discussions.

On June 7 there will be a meeting of governors, which represents a major dispute Between Sergio Massa and daniel scioli for the support of each of them.

The reproach of Archbishop García Cuerva to Sergio Massa for publishing a photo together

Close to Massa, it is hinted that they already have an agreement with the governors so that they support the idea of ​​a single candidate and avoid internal competition. From Scioli’s environment they say that the governors support his candidacy and that he compete in internal ones.

This battle for governors is essential in the PJ and in the Frente de Todos. There are 12 governors who have confirmed their attendance at the meeting. will be present Axel Kicillof and it is speculated that he also attends Peter’s Wado.

There is also talk of silence of Cristina Kirchner who, in the absence of Sergio Massa, let the candidacy of Wado de Pedro run.

Scioli and De Pedro prepare for an inevitable internship

All possibilities are open. There is pressure for this week the Frente de Todos decides how it will go to PASOwhether with a single candidacy or competing internally.

Another important event will be on June 10, which will take place the convention of the renovating frontwhere, finally, the strategy of that party on the elections will be discussed.

The information that everyone in the Frente de Todos is waiting for will be revealed a few days later, on June 14, when the inflation of May.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the unexpected ‘it girl’

Contrary to the predictions of most consultancies, which speak of inflation being above that of May, close to massa are optimisticthey expect inflation to stay the same or show a slowdown compared to April.

The Ministry of Economy remains optimistic, but we will have to wait and see what happens after the meeting on Wednesday. Sergio Massa, after his return from China, is playing hard in internal politics.


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