Massa pointed out against the businessmen for the collective strike: “They are parasites of the State”


The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate for Union for the Homeland, Sergio Massa, charged hard against businessmen for collective strike in the AMBA.

To those who are parasites of the State and pretend to extort we are not afraid of them“, affirmed the inauguration of the new energy cogeneration plant and expansion during the North Treatment Plant, in the Buenos Aires town of Virreyes.

Massa questioned that “the State transferred the money from their salaries and some businessmen they withheld the money from salaries to force the workers to take to the streets“.

He also referred to the 24-hour task retention day carried out by the Automotive Tramway Union (UTA) in the bus service of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), Tucumán, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Formosa, Misiones and Tucuman.

The minister distinguished that “in reality the employers are not discussing the salary that was agreed in parities nor are they discussing rates because they do not care about the rate.” “There are two business groups, there is a Mr. Faijaa mr zbikoskiwhat they say’The yellow‘Ask yourselves why (in allusion to the color that identifies the PRO), that they intend to take the workers hostage to discuss the body purchase system and claim that the State guarantees their profitability,” he emphasized.

“We believe in Argentine businessmen who generate work, in those who take risks and gamble, but To those who are parasites of the State and seek to extort, we say: we are not afraid of themWe are going to face them to defend the right of people to travel to go to work”, expressed the minister.

Photo gallery: how the collective strike affected millions of passengers in the AMBA

Of every 100 pesos that you pay for the bus, 80 are provided by the State“, he maintained and added: “We want the money that the State puts up to go directly to the worker, not for the employers to mediate it.”

Massa’s statements occurred while a meeting between the leaders of the UTA and the Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs was taking place at the Ministry of Transportation.

Who is “Mr. Faijá” targeted by Massa for the bus strike

Sergio Massa treated one of the brothers as a “parasite” José and Ángel Faijá, owners of the DOTA groupthe main operator of the bus business in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

The company makes up the largest conglomerate of companies in the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, transports the largest number of passengers and receives around $10,000 million in tariff subsidies monthly, according to Letter P.

Who are the Zbikoski brothers?

Marcelo, Javier and Eduardo Zbikoski They are the owners of the public transport companies that commercially exploit the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway route. They have the companies Buenos Aires and Metropolitan Coastal Mission.

Misión Buenos Aires is the company that operates the service that was left vacant by the former Plaza line, run by the Cirigliano brothers.


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