Messi spoke for the first time after being world champion: “It changed my life, I wanted it all my career”

Lionel Messi broke the silence and spoke for the first time as world champion in an exclusive radio interview with andy kusnetzoff. The review of Qatar World Cupthe experiences of him and his companions and the madness of the festivities after being consecrated World Champion.

Since December 18 that changed my life and everyone’s. Luckily what we both dreamed of and desired throughout my career came true, and it happened near the end.he,” declared the flea.

It’s hard to explain what I feel at that moment. A lot of things cross your mind. It’s like you’re enjoying that moment, not being able to believe that we finally got it. It is very difficult to explain what it feels like at that moment. It’s a bit like that, saying that’s it, it’s over, I got everything with the National Team ”.

“I did not see the final again. I saw videos, fragments of the game, but I stayed with the celebrations of the people, but I did not see the final,” he confessed.

On the World Cup kiss: “I saw her there and I couldn’t not kiss her. The Cup called me, told me ‘come, grab me’. I saw her there, that she shone and stood out in that beautiful stadium“.

The series against the Netherlands: Crosses, celebration and messages with Riquelme

“The Topo Gigio thing came out right away. Some of my teammates told me on purpose ‘Did you see what Van Gaal said? I didn’t like my gesture or the “go over there silly” thing, but these are things that come out at the moment, it was natural, a lot had happened with WeghorstThey were moments of tension, of friction, of crosses, the fever with the referee”, declared.

He always spoke with Román and whenever he talks about me he praises me and we have a good relationship. I always talked to him after the games. He had also had a couple of meetings with Van Gaal in Barcelona and we discussed that.“, revealed.

The celebrations with the people in Argentina

“We were very surprised by the people, we thought that I was not going to see so many people at dawn. I slept very little and the next day I turned on the TV and there were already people at the Obelisk and they discussed what was going to be. That’s when I realized He says that it was going to be crazy, that it was going to be difficult for us to move forward with the group and well, that was a bit what happened”.

“Being on top of that bus was crazy, seeing the happiness of the big people, the kids, of all ages, it was seen in their faces. The best of all was how people behaved, there were 5 million people and nothing happened. There were people bursting, someone who wanted to throw himself into the bus, heh”.

“I’m still looking at people’s celebrations, ours on the pitch and I’m still getting excited. I didn’t want to be the most liked photo, I hadn’t thought about it. But that’s also there, it shows what people wanted, to see me with that cup and that photo reached people. Instagram”.

The memory of Diego Armando Maradona

“I would have liked him to give me the Copa Diego, at least for him to see all of this. With what he loved the National Team and with what he liked all these things. I felt his breath from above, like that of many people that he loves me, that he was very strong. The Muchachos song was a “boom” for the whole world”.

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