Messi spoke with “Chiqui” Tapia about Scaloni’s continuity: “I told him that…”

The captain of the Argentine national team, Lionel Messireferred to the renewal of lionel scaloni. The man from Rosario confessed that he was “watching” the issue and that he wants him to “sign and continue”, although he acknowledged that “whatever his decision is, it will be understandable to me”.

“Scaloni must weigh many things, he is a family man and that must weigh, because I am clear that if things go wrong in the next Copa América, they are going to start hitting us again, they are going to hit him. I told Tapia that I want Scaloni to continue and I told Scaloni, but there are many human issues that he has to weigh,” he highlights.

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Messi say that the coach “is a very important person for the national team and for this group that is growing with him, it is a young group and the good thing is to continue with him”.

Scaloni’s tremendous praise for Lionel Messi: “I never saw him”

About DT, he stressed that he marked it “when preparing the matches. He prepares the matches very well, we were always protagonists, but the coaching staff always provided a small nuance so that we could press better and quickly have the ball. We were difficult for hurt us when he doesn’t use the ball. He prepared each game in a phenomenal way, we knew what exercise to do with and without the ball”.