Milei and the “sale” of candidacies: “You have to put yours up to finance yourself”


Media drugs accumulated against javier milei for the alleged sale of candidacies and the economist and candidate for president exploded. “There is no dirty campaign of the magnitude that I am being faced with“, launched the leader of La Libertad Avanza through Twitterwhere he also announced that he will sue those who point it out civilly and criminally.

The statement used by the economist’s response was that of Juan Carlos Blumbergrenowned textile businessman and leader of the Axel Blumberg Foundation, named after his kidnapped son. In dialogue with PROFILE, he accused Milei of using her for the photo and said that in her space “they began to sell positions to be candidates.”

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“Let’s review all the political history, there is no dirty campaign of the magnitude to which I am being faced, being that I am the only candidate who made the proposals. Instead of discussing my proposals, I get dirty with issues that are truly nonsense,” Milei replied on Wednesday, July 5.

The La Libertad Avanza candidate continued his crusade against Blumberg, a benchmark in terms of insecurity, and said that “lies, slander, insults and the defamations in which he (Blumberg) has incurred is going to have to pay“.

“We have identified who was the one who created this lie and from there many people joined this lie. We are going to initiate legal actions against Blumberg and the ones who spread these lies“, said Milei in statements to Mainland Radio.

Juan Carlos Blumberg said that Milei sold candidacies and the economist said that he will denounce him.

In line with what he had explained on Twitter, during an interview on continental radio He said that if someone wants to be a candidate they have to “bank their candidacy.” “You have to put yours to finance yourself”said

He then said that “there is no sale of candidacies in the party” and was compared with other referents of the political leadership. “What are traditional politicians like (Patricia) Bullrich, (Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta and Massa financed with? Traditional politicians are financed with state money. In Argentina, politics is financed with taxes, money is diverted from the payer to the campaign, that’s how they do politics,” she launched.

“We, unlike them, are self-financing”manifested.

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Milei against Blumberg: “He replied to a hairdresser’s chimento”

The reference against the acts of insecurity was the last one that came out to state that the space headed by the libertarian deputy sells candidacies at a price in dollars. He was not the only one: for months one of those who insists on this is the economist Carlos Maslaton.

However, with Blumberg Milei reacted.

“It’s a blatant lie. Blumberg repeated that we sell candidacies, which is false. He replicated a hairdresser chimento. He pretended to be a candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires for having gone to a talk of mine at the book fair. The man does not make a mapping between the foolishness of his demand and what he can do, so he begins to tell all kinds of lies, ”he said.

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And he added: “There are people who are left out in the competition for positions and as it remains outside, it dedicates itself to dirtying“.

during a interview With PROFILE, Blumberg had said that no one directly asked him for anything. However, he added: “Not directly. One day one of Vicente López’s CGT came to see me and He tells me that they were asking for money for the charges. That’s when I began to notice that they had used me for all of this.”

And he added: “Many people tell me that they were going to vote for Milei for me. On Saturday at the Democratic Party meeting there were all the people who were screwed. They all said they used them working a year and a half for the campaign and the day before the lists closed they put in all the other people”.


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