Movements hardly control prices anymore


With inflation on the rise, the Truckers union and Somos Barrio de Pie moved in January to control prices, each in their own way and with the wink of the Ministry of Economy. However, the efforts of both organizations lasted only weeks and today only one group appears interested in the survey of product values, linked to a former employee of the Frente de Todos.

The Moyano union went to the distribution and logistics centers of large supermarket chains and food companies, with an eye on the trucks that entered the warehouses. But in the face of the media noise that ended the movement, in addition to opposition criticism, which indicated that the union did not have inspection power, the collaboration was suspended. In short, the union leaders did not want to acquire another problem.

A similar situation happened with Somos Barrios de Pie, the group led by Daniel Menéndez, today secretary of the Popular Economy Council. He began to disseminate the Fair Prices application on the Atlantic coast at the beginning of 2023 and over the weeks he abandoned the task, concerned about other issues, such as the registration of Community Care Spaces located in popular neighborhoods of the AMBA.

Only the Centro de Estudios Mariano Moreno, whose owner is Rafael Klejzer, a former member of the FdT management and a benchmark of UTEP, remained standing to look at gondolas. In the latest report, which is issued monthly, the lack of stock, of almost 70%, of those products from the official program in AMBA supermarkets is reflected. A payroll that carries oil, napkins, rice, powdered soap and noodles. “Food for consumption in the popular sectors such as rice, oil, flour and sugar, grew above inflation. That means that they are overbilling and that they are earning above inflation,” Klejzer said about the outlook that is observed. And he pointed against the companies that export commodities: “They have earned a lot of money, but when it comes to going to the supermarket we whore Alberto Fernández.”

From Economy, and before the PROFILE consultation, they avoid confronting the Moyano union and social organizations and highlight that they have hundreds of inspectors who seek to ensure that Fair Prices are met. What’s more: they emphasize that this effort is accompanied, through agreements, with the municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires.

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