Movements in River: The future of Enzo Pérez, of La Cruz and the possible of Boselli


The beginning of July causes movements in all the clubs and the leader of Argentine soccer is not the exception, since while he experienced Enzo Perez still could not its future in the medium term, flamenco The Uruguayan will not be taken this semester Nicholas of the Cross and his compatriot Sebastian Boselli it will not reach Núñez for the moment.

Enzo Pérez has not yet renewed his contract

Starting with Mendoza perezat the age of 37 they have not yet renewed the contract that binds him to River until December of this year, while he meditates on his future with the certain objective of retiring in the club in which he emerged, Deportivo Maiputhat today is one of the candidates to rise to the professional league from the First National.

The man born precisely in Maipú was watching “his” team in front of Chacarita Juniors and beyond being a confessed River Plate fan, his desire to return to his roots before giving cheers is very strong.

River will not negotiate with Flamengo for De La Cruz

for his part from the cross will not be negotiated by River to a direct rival is Libertadores Cup with whom he played the final of that contest in 2019, when he lost 2-1 in the final.

“De La Cruz is a qualified footballer to be in Flamengo, but River sat on top of the clause, which is close to 16 million dollars, and Flamengo understands that it is not reasonable to pay it,” the vice president of the club said on Monday. Rio de Janeiro, Marcos Braz, at a press conference.

Negotiations for Boselli, still on standby

Sebastián Boselli, the central defender who looked in the U-20 world champion and is the one targeted from the METERmillionairewhose first offer for a percentage of his pass was rejected in principle by the club where he plays, Defender Sporting.

Sebastián is a great project and already a reality. I don’t know what will be best for him, River or going to Europe, but he has to be prepared for whatever comes. He is at a very high level and I hope he can sustain”, we catch a glimpse of his coach in Defender Sporting, Marcelo Mendezin statements to the Uruguayan radius carving.

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