Netflix series ‘Exploding Kittens’: everything we know so far


Image: Exploding Kittens

Among Netflix’s upcoming adult animated series is Exploding Kitten, an adaptation of the hit card and video game. Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about the new series.

exploding kittens, as you may know, started life as a Kickstarter campaign for a card game. After being successfully funded, the sky was the limit with a later released video game and a host of other tabletop games as well. He initial campaign It was the #1 most backed project in Kickstarter history.

Netflix first announced the exploding kittens series in April 2022. That was a month before the mobile game got a port for Netflix Games.

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He follow the series the “eternal conflict that reaches epic proportions when both God and the Devil are sent to Earth in the bodies of beefy housecats.”

exploding kittens it will be a 2D animated series that is expected to clock in at 30 minutes for each episode.

Who is behind the Netflix series Exploding Kittens?

Bandera Entertainment and Chernin Entertainment are the two main companies behind the new title. The first is directed by Greg Daniels (The office, space force) and Mike Judge (King of the hill, Beavis and Butthead), and the latter is directed by Peter Chernin, who has a broad general deal with Netflix.

matthew inman and elan leethe two founders of the company exploding kittens, serve as executive producers on the project. Inman, next to Shane Kosakowski (You are the worst), will serve as the series’ two primary showrunners.

from netflix John Derderian he oversees the title under his list of titles as vice president of content for animated series.

composition duo shirley song and Jina Hyo Jin An will be in charge of the music for the new series. The couple recently put together the Netflix soundtrack. XO, kitty.

The animation studio behind the new series is based in Canada. jam Filled Entertainment, who has worked on various Netflix shows over the years, plus a lot for other dealers. Your Netflix tickets include internal work, we lost our humanand malinky pinky. Netflix Animation Studios is also behind the project.

animation portfolio full of jam

Jim’s Full Wallet

Other people we found working on the series include:

  • Eddie Rosas as Episode Director
  • Megan Harries as Art Director
  • Becky M. Yang as Production Coordinator
  • Tyler Chapman as Casting Manager
  • Craig Young as Production Manager
  • Jessie Moore as Animation Supervisor
  • Mary Nash as Background Designer
  • Chris George as Character Designer
  • Bill Cleveland as Background Designer
  • Laurel Gregan as 2D cheerleader
  • Heather Alexander as Storyboard Artist
  • Siti Lu as Story Reviewer

Of course, a show like this will have dozens and dozens of people working at every stage of development, from early planning, to production, to post-production, and more.

Who is in the cast of Netflix? exploding kittens?

exploding kittens netflix cast grid

Cast grid for Netflix’s Exploding Kittens

The main cast for the series was announced alongside the initial show announcement:

  • tom ellis (Lucifer)
  • abraham lim (Boys)
  • Lucy Liu (Elementary)
  • ally maki (Spoiled)
  • brand proksch (Better call Saul)
  • Sasheer Zamata (Woke up)
  • David Gborie (how to be broke)

When exploding kittens be on Netflix?

When the series was initially announced, it was revealed that it would be released sometime in 2023.

In it Netflix Upfronts in May 2023Netflix confirmed that the series would premiere in the fall of 2023.

Before its release, Netflix will present an exclusive clip of exploding kittens at the 2023 Annecy Film Festival in France. When we have it, we will update our social networks and this article with said clip.

Are you looking forward to seeing Exploding Kittens when it hits Netflix later in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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