Pablo Cavallero assured that he wants an ex Boca for Independiente


After an irregular walk in the Professional League 2023 and after the arrival of Ricardo Zielinski to take the football reins of the team, in independent He already has his sights set on the next semester and consequently important names are already appearing to reinforce the squad.

Pablo Cavalleromanager of the Redassured in an interview with Radio Esplendido AM 990 who is interested in bringing a independent to left carlos.

I’m interested in Carlos Izquierdoz. He is an experienced player, hierarchy. He is a guy who can help you not only on the field, but also in the dressing room. Of course I would like to have it“Caballero said.

Today left carlos militate in soccer Spain after his departure from Mouth. Currently the 34-year-old defender defends the colors of the Girona where he has scored one goal in 33 matches in the league.

Regarding the value of the native of BarilocheHis pass is around 2 million euros and it will be in the hands of who wants to have him, whether to buy the player or agree on a loan with his club.

Added to the interest of independenton the sidewalk in front, in Careers They also intend to have the former defender of Mouth for the coming semester.

Two weeks ago, the journalist Leo Paradizo assured in the Sebastián Vignolo program that in the academy They intend, for the same reasons as Cavallero, to have Izquierdoz who would not only bring hierarchy, but also a commanding voice to the squad.

The sale of Sergio Barreto

besides, cavallero referred to the departure of the central defender who at the time intended to Mouth and how its sale is of the utmost importance to solve the financial problems of the club.

With Barreto’s money we are going to be close to lifting the inhibition and then a mechanism will be put together to be able to incorporate for the coming semester“. explained the sale of the player.

sergio barreto will leave at pachucha soccer Mexico who disbursed 2.2 million dollars for 70% of his pass.

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