Part of Dani Alves’ statement was leaked: “He never told me to stop”


Daniel Alves is still in prison after being denounced for his post sexual abuse of a 23-year-old woman in Barcelona. In the last hours, They filtered an audio in which the footballer recounted what happened in the meeting with the complainant.

A Catalan media outlet had access to his statement before the judge and released Alves’ version of what happened on the night of December 30, when he was seen in a nightclub and it all ended with the complaint and his arrest.

The Dani Alves sticker

“We were custodians at table six of the disco that is open to the entire room. I spoke with Bruno and we made a gesture to the waiter again and the waiter immediately invited three girls. We were having fun and right away a sexual attraction. When we entered the bathroom, we faced each other. Yeah. She kissed me and started taking off my pants. She sat me down on the toilet and started fucking me”, he tells about how the rapprochement between the two began.

Then, all according to the audio that Alves leaked, he continued: “I asked her twice if she liked it and she said yes. And that’s when she stood up with her back to me, joining our sex in p***. At the end I picked her up , who was on top of me, I lifted her up and fucked out of her sex. Neither in the booth nor in the bathroom, he never told me to stop in any action. Nothing has happened that we did not want. I always treat her with a lot of respect“. closed the footballer.

The testimony of the woman who accuses Dani Alves

The confession would have been given minutes after the meeting with Alves and was recorded by the camera of one of the policemen who received the alarm and went to the scene. The device was activated at 4:57 in the morning with the agents heading to the premises and arriving at 5:04. Once there, the police officers first spoke with the owner of Sutton and less than five minutes later with the woman, who met other people.

“I voluntarily went to the bathroom and after giving us a few kisses I told him I wanted to leave… but he tells me ‘no’ and closes the latch”he assured and continued: “He started saying nasty things to me like ‘you’re my whore’ and he also started hitting me. He threw my bag on the ground and grabbed my clothes…”.

“There has been penetration,” one of her friends is heard saying. The agent calls an ambulance and the young woman adds: “Nobody will believe me because they will see on the cameras that they will voluntarily enter the bathroom…”.


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