Pedrini: “In Chaco they voted in the middle of a police case”


Juan Manuel Pedrininational deputy from Chaco, assured that the cecilia case influenced the loss of votes, but criticized a “media blitz” against Jorge Capitánich. “It is necessary to evaluate that not all the fronts contain in the generals all the votes they get in the PASO”, he expressed in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Did you expect the results of the election in Chaco?

First of all, I have to say that the results were a big unknown. For the first time, we are facing an election in the midst of what I would call a media siege in the province.

In Chaco they voted in the middle of a police case and with a media siege of our list. The main media, both in the province and in the country, focused on a police case in Chaco. We had some question marks over the election result, but in the end our list clearly won in terms of candidates and an advantage over the opposition list.

The lessons of the elections in Chaco

When you see such a great rejection from outside the Chaco, what self-criticism do you have to do? What do you think they did wrong?

Obviously, I can say that we have failed in communication. Because the entire institutional process in the Chaco has been truly exemplary. I believe that there are few justices as independent as ours.

the governor captain limited itself, sending a bill to the Provincial Congress so that the members of the Court of Justice are elected through a public contest of opposition and background, it is the only province that has done so.

He did the same with the state prosecutor and the accountant of the province. All the organisms that are in the Constitution of the Chaco are chosen according to the Constitution, with the agreement of the Chamber of Deputies. Public opposition and background contests were held for all these positions.

Carlos Prette: “Sena cannot be understood without Capitanich”

call attention to talk impunity in the province when, in this police event that dismays us all, that of CeciliaAll the suspects are in custody. They were immediately arrested.

The son of Emerenciano Seine he was a fugitive for 16 hours and was later arrested. There is no impunity in any way. However, I think there was a media bombardment on the figure of the governor.

Obviously, that people like the Sena family have had the resources they had, indicates some malpractice on the part of those who administer the State’s resources, by giving all those resources to people who are capable of committing this type of atrocity. Don’t you think?

These movements arise from an irruption from 2001, from the great crisis. There new actors appear, which are the social movements. This was a special moves, if you will, because he had more resources than the others. Now, this situation of the movements has nothing to do with a femicide.

The Sena clan received this year 839 thousand pesos per day from the Capitanich government

No one thought that we were going to be experiencing a situation like this. The femicide They occur in all social classes. There are businessmen who commit femicides. There are workers who commit femicides. It is something transversal in society and should not exist, but unfortunately, as you can see, it occurs in all social sectors.

Understanding, the fact is a policeman, but that the relationship that this man had with the State, which was a pre-existing relationship, is political. As you say, femicides occur in all social classes, but in this case I think that due to the forms there are some aggravating factors…

There are three aggravating factors. The first is that the victim is a woman, and with our legislation, that is an aggravating circumstance. Another aggravating factor is César Sena’s relationship with her, and the third is the presumed participation of several people in this fact.

Don’t you think that the system creates the possibility of building people like that with power?

No, I do not think so. I believe what you are saying. There were femicides in countries of Pilar.

You didn’t expect it to happen and it just happened. I think that this is not the determining factor, it is not the resources that the State puts or not in the hands of a person, in any case. It is necessary to follow up on the use of these resources by these people.

Leandro Zdero: “The province of Chaco is covered by a lot of darkness”

To what do you attribute the reaction of society then? I have a psychologist crutch, when one in the psychologist tells what is unfair, they usually ask him “And what do you have to do with this?”

Without a doubt, we have a lot to do with it. This person, and that is a self-criticism that we must do, integrated our electoral front. She was one of the 14 collectors of deputies who supported our electoral front.

He had participated in political activity on other occasions, he was a strong social leader, but politically marginal. He had presented himself in the 2019 elections for governor, he reached 1% of the votes, did not have a great influence on politics.

Yes, he was very strong in terms of social struggles, but he did not have enough support to be a candidate. This is the first election that has been presented with one within our front, and that is a self-criticism that we have to make. From there, when we are accused of a femicide, things change. gaping, there can be a femicide on any list electoral.

Capitanich’s inexplicable smile

Claudio Mardones (CM): The case has been disruptive, due to the disappearance of Cecilia but also due to the macabre data that has emerged from the judicial investigation, without losing sight of the fact that it has not yet been found. In the province, the disruptive fact was the huge mobilization led by Cecilia’s mother.

The family first asked that the elections not be held and then called for a Punishment vote. How are you preparing to move the two months that remain from Cara to the national steps in Chaco’s Peronism?

The elections were recent. What we have ahead of us are the PASO of August 13 that will surely also cross local politics.

Who is Leandro Zdero, the winner of the opposition PASO in Chaco

In fact, there are more than two months left. In the previous legislative election, in which I had the privilege of leading the list as a national deputy, we lost PASO by 11 and a half points, and then we achieved overcome that result and win the generals. Now we have a difference of just over five points, with an unquestionably important challenge.

One piece of information that we observe is that of those who I did not conclude to votewhich represents more than 40% of the register.

We bet on a clarification of the facts very quickly. We need, as a society, that this crime be clarified, and that the culprits be condemned. In Chaco, this case is going to be tried by a jury, which we hope will take place as soon as possible.

The case of Cecilia Strzyzowski, key in the defeat of Capitanich

We see a loss of votes from our government formula regarding the municipalities, then, there it is clearly seen how this case influenced the electorate of the province.

Our front has great strength, out of 70 municipalities there are 50 that are with us. The figure of Capitanich is respected. It is also necessary to evaluate that not all the fronts contain in the general elections all the votes they get in the PASO.

Once the case has been clarified, the situation will be very different and the virtues of Capitanich, who made him three times governor of our province, the only case, will be exposed.

Unión por la Patria: frantic negotiations on the closure of lists

There is great information, which is carried out in the province of Chaco, about which we are going to appreciate: for the first time in a long time it has been growing at a sustained rate.

The GDP comes with a cumulative annual growth rate of 6%, private jobs exceed public employment for the first time, there is a great development of industrial parks, a public work that is historic for our province, and that is what we want to put in value.

For that, the first thing is to clarify the case of Cecilia, which has dismayed us all, then politics will come. First you have to solve this key that Chaco society has and then we will dedicate ourselves to doing politics now compare the two projects which I think is what will end up deciding the next election.


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