Qatar, where champions fish

recreational fishing It is one of the most attractive activities to be in contact with nature and experience new sensations, which is why it appears in the catalog of tourist recreation in the city which, during the months of November and December 2022, concentrated the eyes of almost all planet’s inhabitants.

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of the beaches of Doha, the capital of the Arab kingdom of Qatar, fishing is a hobby and life element for many of its residents. It is practiced by both members of the monarchy and the humblest of citizens, both from the coast for free, and from boats with guides that provide complete services from about 415 QR (Qatari Riyal), which would be something like the equivalent of $15,417 for four hours.

In fact, for the Qataris, their link with the Persian Sea was historically fruitful, their main commercial axis being the products obtained from its waters, including pearls, already famous throughout the world. Gathering data for this report, tour operators we contacted pointed out that the sport of cane is very popular and kilometers from that wonderful city, there are many points to practice it, of which we will only highlight a few.

For example, Halat Umm al Khayfan is a well-known area in Doha that fills with excitement, mostly on weekends. The area that can be reached by boat is very small, so there is not much free space on the beach. Banana Island is another of the very popular places to practice the sport; there is a small jetty at the southern end of the beach, where you can park your boat and head out into the sea. The island has a 20 km long coastline and provides privacy for people who wish to search for pike there.

Another area is Al Aaliya Island, a small piece of rock with a sandy bottom well known for its good pike. The rocky area is large enough for two fishing boats to moor at the same time and cast from its small cliffs. They tell us it is very visited for the availability of trophies. The area is also known as Al-Reef, and they say they have some of the best fishing opportunities in Doha, and you can get there by boat and with a guide.


Ras Al Nasa is an area that is very close to the coast and you have to pay a small fee to get there. Of course, attempts can be made only between the sunrise and sunset.

Some areas are forbidden due to environmental laws that protect natural resources and ensure that humans do not cause damage to the ecosystem. In order to fish, a license must be obtained or can be applied for in the country of residence before traveling.

Many were the celebrities, from different parts of the world, who attended the highest soccer event. Among them, those who highlight the pleasure of having contact with nature stand out and are declared fans of the much-loved sport of fishing. our “Matador” Mario Alberto KempesA member of the 1978 Argentina champion squad, he was one of those who took advantage of the gaps between matches to cast the rod for a while in the legendary waters of the gulf and catch some barracudas, mackerels and snappers.


In short, a trip that gave us complete happiness by confirming that our beloved soccer players, world champions, are capable of giving us joy inside and outside of a stadium. ball or cane, eternal winners.