Racing and Belgrano did not hurt each other on the first date of the Professional League

The Academy debuted in the championship in a duel, in which it received its similarity from Belgrano and which ended with a 0-0 score on the blackboard under the attention of the fans, who were rooting for their team from the stands.

The emotions in the first half were more than interesting. Gago’s men found the spaces to dominate on the field and generate risky actions on the goal defended by Nahuel Losada.

The fans choked on the goal cry due to two actions that the referee, Diego Herrera, annulled due to an advanced position. A fact that, without a doubt, ignited the controversies.

In the complementary period the panorama did not change and despite the attitude of the home team to keep the victory at the opening, the goal did not finally appear in the clash.

On the following day, Racing will play as a visitor against Argentinos Juniors, while Belgrano will do his thing against River in a match that will be played at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium.