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One of the reasons for burnout or stress is feeling apathy towards our work or daily tasks, having lost motivation.

Even those who are dedicated to doing what they love lose inspiration or motivation at times. I pass you?

Whether that is your case, or that of someone who has not felt motivated for a long time, today I will share with you a few steps to revive that feeling or maintain it.

Get out of your comfort zone

I love to call it the known zone, since it is what we are used to and do by default, automatically. The comfort zone can be a deceptive place, at times very appetizing and comfortable, but it will not allow you to have greater personal growth and discover new skills in yourself. Step into new situations, be brave and step up. This is the only way to move forward and start making changes that take you to a new place.

Find out what makes you happy

The best thing you can do for yourself is keep in mind and hold spaces for what makes you happy. To do this, you must carry out a correct self-reflection and get to know yourself. When you know what you really want, don’t lose sight of your goals.

be clear that you are good

We all have some or more skills in which we excel. Do you know yours? An excellent question to ask yourself is: what do I excel at, what do I do very well? And from this question the following one can be triggered: what else would I like to learn?

Develop your goals

Many people get discouraged because their goals are too high. For this reason, to continue, it is necessary that you carry out a correct planning, because the self-confidence that you are going to acquire daily will allow you to continue with that state of motivation throughout the entire process.

get inspired

What books or blogs inspire you? It is important to have references that help you discover what the ideas you want to resemble are like.

do something for someone

Take your focus off of you and your business for a moment. Find a way to help someone else, that can give greater value to your goals.

learn to ask for help

I love the concept of 170 degrees. You alone cannot see what is in front of your eyes, to see what is behind you and hidden from your conscience you need the gaze of another person. That is the reason why the help of a coach, mentor, consultant is used.

“There will not be a revolution on a large scale until there is a personal revolution on an individual level. It has to happen on the inside first.” Jim Morrison.

I hope these tips serve you to raise or maintain your motivation.

by Paula Cabalen

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