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Ringo Starr, drummer for the Beatles, was born on July 7, 1940.

In the European spring of that year, a married couple of pastry chefs based in Liverpool had the joy of being the parents of Richard Starkey, as the official name of the future drummer.

However, since he was a baby they called him Ritchie.

Then that British boy had a difficult childhood.

While his parents separated, the little boy was on the verge of death from peritonitis, but an emergency operation saved his life. After came an extensive convalescence.

The disease will continue to lose him the school year, while at home he suffered economic hardships with his mother, with his father far from home.

In turn, another disease surrounded the life of little Ritchie: tuberculosis. He was hospitalized for two years, with the dream of a formal education in a school. It was impossible to do it.

However, it was in a health facility where the future Ringo Starr met the item that changed his life: a pair of drumsticks. It is not yet known who gave them to him. However, that offering was to become his future.

As a teenager he began to work, but his indiscipline could abruptly change several jobs. His overly jovial character was an antonym of rules and schedules.

While his hobby was the chopsticks of the instrument, his mother remarried. It was his stepfather who gave her his first battery.

From there, Richard Starkey became Ringo Starr. The name came from the rings, which he liked to wear since he was a teenager. While the artistic surname Starr was born because of what he wanted to be: a star.

His own battery was the key to enter the world of rock groups in Liverpool. It didn’t take long for him to access the most famous ensemble in the English city: Rory and The Hurricanes.

Ringo Starr joined the international tour of that group, and it was in 1960 in Hamburg where he met Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, who were accompanied by drummer Pete Best.

His life took a few turns and on August 14, 1962 Ringo joined The Beatles, after Brest was expelled from the band. The path to eternal fame was paved.

That same year they made their debut at The Cavern, a mythical place for musical humanity.

Ringo was never thought of, nor was he rated, as the best rock drummer of the 60s within the most important band in history.

However, it was the right gear, the precise drummer, in that powerful machinery that forever marked music, beyond any genre and style.

Ringo Starr was left-handed playing in a right-handed battery, with a disruptive imprint in the years the Beatles were born. His technique was neat, without so much sophistication, which turned out that throughout the discography of the distinctive group from Liverpool, a drum solo was made on a single song: The End.

Ringo Starr was the oldest of all the Beatles. The remaining three members of the group admired the outgoing personality of a musician who wrote few songs.

However, the drummer was the first of the group to leave the ensemble. During the recording of the White Album, Ringo left because of the fights and egos that erode internal relationships. They begged for him to come back, and come back.

After the final separation of the Beatles, Ringo was the one who had the best relationship with everyone. He was always the affable nexus.

After the Beatles, Ringo Starr had a mixed musical career, as did his performances in various films.

However, he holds a record: he is the actor with the most participation in major musical films in history.

His zigzagging solo career was plagued by a torment for decades: his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

With a lot of effort, along with his wife Barbara, he was able to recover after several years of relapses. He managed to rebuild the image of him that today is an icon in favor of peace and love. His fingers in V, together with his smile, are already an emblem.

His open heart, and his posture with less vanity than average, always brought confidence together. So much so that he was the first of the Beatles to learn of the murder of John Lennon in 1980 from Yoko Ono’s family.

Ringo Starr once said that the Fab Four were not friends with each other, but brothers.

At 83, he is still colloquial and friendly, careful to give an image of kindness.

Ringo Starr, drummer for the Beatles, was born on July 7, 1940.

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