Revealed the trailer for “El Comandante Fort”


Star+ reveals the trailer for Commander’s Fortthe documentary series on the life of the singerArgentine actor, media figure and chocolatier businessman, Ricardo Fort, who died in 2013.

The series will premiere on January 25 through the Star+ platform and will review the most relevant events in the life of the person who became one of the most recognized and controversial celebrities in Argentina.

VIDEO: “El Comandante Fort”, the series about the life of Ricardo Fort

Commander’s Fort will have four episodes recorded between the City of Buenos Aires and Miami, United States -where Ricardo Fort spent much of his time-.

Fort life reconstruction takes place based on exclusive interviews and testimonials from family and close friendsamong which those of his children, Marta and Felipe, his brother Eduardo and Gustavo Martínez, who committed suicide in February 2022 and was his most emblematic couple, stand out.

In addition, the documentary series -which has the approval of the sons of the millionaire businessman- uses unpublished images and public archives and original recreations.

With permanent reflections on the issues and controversies that Fort installed in societythe production analyzes his life away from sensationalism, exploring the person behind the character, revealing his internal struggles and investigating the context that accompanied his media revolution.

Commander Fort: the trailer for the new documentary series that seeks to decipher Ricardo Fort came to light

Thus, issues of social relevance are addressed, such as the gay scene of the 90s and 2000sthe cruelty of the television star system, the addiction to fame, and the extreme manipulation of the body in pursuit of the image, all themes associated with Fort’s life.

After years of speculation and proposals that did not come to fruition, Marta and Felipe Fort finally accepted ceding the rights of ricardo fort journalist Eddie Fitte for a documentary series with international projection co-produced by “Hecho por Nadie” and “20/20 Films”.

Commander’s Fort explores beyond his public image, revealing Fort’s painful personal story, and invites the audience to reflect and understand why he is still alive in people’s hearts nine years after his death, becoming a myth and legend for a multitude of fans who revere him to this day.


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