River was offered a defender who could reinforce the team in the next transfer market


the semester for River It has been the ideal and the reasons are quite logical. The team of Demichelis qualified for the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup of America and is very close to celebrating a new championship.

Taking into account the competition that will develop in the second half of the year, the team Millionaire you want to anticipate with the idea of ​​forming a competitive team to conquer new goals.

According to information presented by the journalist Maximilian Grilloto the Milo they would have offered a defender, who would possibly replace Roberto Rojaswho in recent weeks has not had outstanding performances within the team.

The player offered to the leadership of the club nunez is the colombian Andres Llinaswho a few weeks ago lost winning the Colombian soccer title with millionaires.

Although the priority goes through the hiring of Sebastian Boselli, this alternative can be taken into account despite the fact that from the offices of River They have not communicated to advance the efforts for the transfer of the foreigner.


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