Santi Maratea denied having activated the Mercado Pago shows


the collection of money from Santiago Maratea parachute independent keep going More than 700 million pesos have already been raised in order to pay off the club’s debts.

The money is deposited in a Mercado Pago accountwhich has the particularity of providing performances to those who have their money there, but at the moment this cannot be activated by the influencer since this function is not available for trusts.

In this sense, Today the information circulated that the influencer had managed to activate the returns of the payment platformwhich is an option that allows the money to “work” and earn interest with the money that each one has in their account, and with this, the collection would increase its numbers beyond the new donations.

However, Maratea himself was in charge of denying this through several Instagram stories, in which he made it clear that this function could not be activated in your account yet because the collection depends on the trust that was created before starting it.

How much money has Santi Maratea collected from the collection for Independiente

The collection of money by santi maratea to help Independiente in its severe economic situation is still standing and in a new update the influencer reported that 720,954,126.62 were collected pesos so far.

The 30-year-old explained that half of the money owed to the mexico america for the pass of Cecilio Dominguezpayment that independent he must leave to lift the inhibition of incorporating players.

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