Series: there are two versions of Sisi on the platforms, but only one is hot


As in the times of massive Hollywood, those in which two studios took the same subject and released films about it almost simultaneously, today we live thanks to the transmission a multiplicity of similar themes that recently resulted in the premiere of two series on the empress Sisi from Austria: just a call Yes Yes which already has two seasons in lions gate + (formerly known as Starz) and another called The Empress and it’s in Netflix. And although both are german productionsthe way of facing the life of the monarch who became famous with the movies of Romy Schneiderthere is one that is very good and the other… not so much.

Sisi focuses on the life of Elizabeth of Austria, told in her daily life with the intention of revealing to a multi-layered woman, especially as his life in the monarchy progresses. We are going to see it as one rebellious, intrepid girl, who ends up taking out the candidate for the older sister with these qualities: nothing less than a Prussian Kaiser. es una romantic and updated version, with suggestions sex scenes and an interesting game of cat and mouse seasoned by court intrigues, experienced by two beautiful people in their attempt to fulfill what is expected of them.
yes it is very interesting see the transformation that will change both main characters, she from innocent girl to expert diplomat; and he from an almost despotic man to accepting her vulnerability when conflicts with his wife appear. both the beautiful Dominique Devenport like the dapper Jannik Schumann perfectly fulfilling their roles. They are surrounded by a wonderful cast in which it is inevitable that Count Andrassy stands out, romantic interest of the protagonist, incarnated by the attractive Giovanni Funiati.


Fields, palaces, dresses and a wonderful staging They serve as a complement to the story that shows an intimate side of the famous empress, proposing an approach to a very particular European moment.

the other Sisi

On Netflix is ​​The Empress, another German series with another couple of beautiful actors (Devrim Lingnau and Philip Froissant) which doesn’t have such a good script: it starts the same as the other one (when Sisi takes her older sister’s boyfriend out) but this version is much slower and, in the purest style Bridgerton both the clothes and some modernized situations Although I have to admit that the setting is wonderful.


in this the conflicts close is not in the relationship and infidelities but in the intrigues that the emperor’s brother is sowing, Archduke Maximilian, who fully intends to claim the title and rule the Astro-Hungarian Empire. For now there is only one season but they are working on the second. And the truth is that it is not half as interesting as the other, except for the places where it is filmed. It is more spectacular but it goes deeper less. I stay with the other.


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