Sevilla champion of the Europa League and Messi says goodbye to PSG


The sports journalist, Román Iucht, told the news about European football related to the new UEFA Europa League champion and when Lionel Messi’s last match at PSG will be, in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

He Sevillewhich is almost like saying the same as the European League. There is not a situation of so much dominance of a team in a competition. The European League it was played 14 times and Sevilla won it seven times, they are two eternal and unconditional friends.

This Wednesday they wrote a new page that brought them back together, in this case more dramatic than in other circumstances.

The final was in Budapest, in the beautiful capital of Hungary, against the Rome Delaware paulo dybalawho was the author of the goal for his team, and with the Andalusian team that for the first time in history a cast that has five Argentines is consecrated champion of a European tournament.

From twelve steps, Sevilla once again won a Europa League title

Of course we are talking about lucas ocampos, Marcos Acuna that he was expelled, alejandro gomez who didn’t play either, erik lamela and Gonzalo Montielthat at the appointed time for the penalties, after the Moroccan bond He stopped two of the executions of Roma, as if history always designated him to occupy that great role that put an end to each of the definitions by penalties.

He executed the fourth, first he failed it but the referee through the VAR that Rui Patricio went ahead, so he had to kick again and, as if it were in Qatar against France, and the cross hit to convert the goal that ended the delirium , the celebration and consecration of the Seville.

The numbers of Montiel on penalties speak of a dream efficiency: he shot 10 throughout his career, some in regulation time and others in definition with shots from 11 meters, and his effectiveness is 100%. “He was destined, we had talked about it. He is touched with a wand. Among the Argentines we commented ‘look if it touches him again’. And it was like that, incredible”, were the words of Lamela, they also arose in River.

Galtier affirmed that Saturday will be Messi’s last game at PSG: “I managed the best in the world”

Lionel Messi’s last game at PSG

Europe talks about Sevilla, but also about these statements from Christopher Galtiertechnician of psgthat constitutes that this weekend Lionel Messi He will play his last game with the Parisian cast.

“I had the privilege of training the best player in the history of football. Saturday will be Leo’s last meeting in the Parc des Princes against clermont“, so in just a handful of seconds, in a press conference, the coach announced what was an open secret, but that needed to be made official.

This Saturday Messi will finish closing his story of a couple of seasons analyzing the PSG shirt. The future? Nobody knows, perhaps, not even the world champion himself.


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