Shelby American and Federico Ávarez Castillo come together to manufacture the Shelby Cobra in Argentina


the company automotive Shelby American, founded by racing driver Carroll Shelby, will collaborate with Argentine businessman Federico Ávarez Castillo to manufacture the Shelby Cobra in Argentina. In this context, we communicate with Maria Ezcurrajournalist specialized in luxury.

Argentine businessman Federico Álvarez Castillo made an agreement with the Shelby American brand to manufacture the Shelby Cobra at Pilará Cars”, announced María Ezcurra. “The idea is that starting this year, These cars begin to be manufactured by hand. There are already other manufacturers in Argentina that were manufacturing these cars, the difference is that these models they will be certified by Shelby American”, he added.

Export: one of the objectives of the Shelby Cobra

With respect to the parts that will be used in the manufacture of these cars, Ezcurra exceptionally will be a “mixture”, since they come from different parts of the world. Regarding the construction time of these cars, he said that, “approximately, It is estimated that they will be able to manufacture about 12 cars a year” and aim “in addition to supplying the local market, exporting them to Mexico and all the countries bordering Argentina”.

How much does one of these cars cost?

The price of the Shelby Cobra is still an unknown quantity. According to the journalist specialized in luxury, it is estimated that it will only be revealed when it goes on the market. However, she was able to make a slight approximation of the value of these cars: “They are likely to be around $200,000. because they are cars that are built in a traditional format and have the best materials, V8 engines and they are very spectacular cars”

Argentina has many constructors of a very good level”, the interviewee commented on the quality of car manufacturers in the country. Then, she exemplified: “In Arrecifes there is Reklus Car, which manufactures and exports replicas of old Maseratis. In Paraná there is another Bugatti replica builder. In this case, The novelty is that the Shelby Cobra produced in Pilará will have Shelby American certification”.

By way of closing, Ezcurra maintained that there is a “super strong market for these cars”, beyond the fact that they are not factories that sell in volume, “the cost of each of these cars is justified by being very expensive cars.” “Collectors know them and they don’t care if the factory is in Argentina, they buy them”, he concluded.

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