Sierras and lagoons, three options for winter vacations


Traveling the RN 226, from Tandil, in the direction of the coast, or vice versa, we will find a landscape that combines the magnificence of the pampas and the mountain charm, bordered by mirrors of water and on a route that combines tradition, nature, history and gastronomy. And if we talk about sport fishing, we have a trident alternatives to enjoy even in winter.

We start the tour from tandil, one of the most chosen destinations in the winter break and that has been gaining followers, considerably, in recent decades. To a wide offer for the tourist, we add the alternative of fishing in the heart of the city, with the fort lake that gives us the opportunity of different types of fishing. Although they are not easy with so much cold, with different flours we can go for tents, assortments of live mojarras catch silversides and the flycatchers can, looking for some sunny afternoon, tempt an ultralight variety of little pigs, mojarrones and toothy, since the carp, the vedette in summer, at this time is usually very difficult to capture with this technique.

for fishing silversides, the entire contour of the lake can give us good bites. the area of the footbridge of the dike of containment, the spa beach or the sector of The island, which is accessed through the Fuerte Nautical Center are of good performance and where we fish comfortably. Rods from 3 to 4 meters, with front reels loaded with fine nylon and floating or bottom rigs. In case of going through the buoys, they must be small and with slopes ranging from 30 to 45 cm, and with a pointer to gain distance. With lead, drops of 40 to 60 cm, clam of 30 to 40 grams and, in both cases, hook no. 3 of the 1687 or 277 series of the traditional Norwegian brand that performs well. As for baits, the small live mojarra takes the cake, although we do not rule out a well-reduced toothy filet. prevails small silverside, which oscillates 25 cm, but every so often we find pleasant surprises.


Another interesting proposal is the carp fishing, that we can tempt them with the different flour products that are sold in the area Or we can do it at home, with feeder-type lines or two hooks with a lead through.


is Balcarce Gastronomy and a passion for motorsports are mixed, although sport fishing is also breathed. Between Balcarce and Mar del Plata, on the 226, the next stop is la brava lagoon, a mirror that resurfaced and returned to have good silversides. It is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the province, a waterway between imposing mountains and a green field on which we find two service providers that stand out on its coasts: Ruca Lauquen, which we located at kilometer 35 of national route 226, and the fishing Club, about kilometer 39.5. Today, the pike is not easy, but the pejes that occur are of excellent door. IS key to find where the pejerrey is biting, that’s why it is convenient to start with a father, long, since we have areas that can be almost 4 meters deep. The paternoster works with its stopped buoy, almost half sunk, with a fine calibrated ammunition. If the silverside takes the bait, and swims up, the buoy lies down; on the other hand, if it is the other way around, he sinks her almost without any resistance. the famous chiripa is a classic of the locals, It is used with a pointer buoy that allows us to cast far, and fish in a very sensitive way, since with the nylon belly we manage the depth where the line will work and we give mobility to the bait. If we choose, after locating the line of activity of the silverside, to fish afloat, it is necessary to have that catches between 1.8m occur very regularly. and 2.5m, so it is essential to use long rods, no less than 4.50m. then.


Arriving at “La Feliz”, the parent lagoon, just 14 kilometers from the city, it once again prevailed in the sport fisherman’s winter agenda and that is a reason to celebrate, since it came from some tough seasons in terms of bite. Yes ok the bite is not even for all fishermen, the key lies in carrying out an intensive search for find the most profitable sector, standing out this moment more for the quantity than for the quality. It has sectors that are well known to the locals, such as the ravines, just below the “José Hernández” Museum, the rowing track, the mount of the Jews or the famous pigsty, are some of the points to take into account.


The most profitable bait in this area is the mojarra. And as for the lines, the one of two buoys with adjustable snoods (yo-yo or with trap), so that the hooks are about 5-10 centimeters from the bottom, although there are times when it occurs above. The weighted fluke is also a great option because it allows you to find the desired depth. You have to have a lot of patience to be able to capture them, since many times it plays softly, but it lets go.


Although coastal fishing can be done in a large part of the lagoon, activity shipped are limited to CRECIM, complex that has been run, since very recently, by the Union of Commerce Employees of Mar del Plata.

Finally, it should be noted that in this area, the last rainfalls have been very intense, which has raised its flows and followed that the water becomes very cloudy, and in many cases, you have to lengthen the bracing.

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