Strong punishment that PSV would receive for the fan who hit the Sevilla goalkeeper


In the second leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League, an unusual event occurred between PSV and Sevilla. A fan of the team from the Netherlands entered the field of play to attack the goalkeeper of Jorge Sampaoli’s team in the middle of the match. Now UEFA could determine a strong sanction against the Dutch club.

The case is being studied by the Disciplinary Code, because there are several points to analyze and determine the sanction, which could be anything from paying a fine of one million euros to the total closure of the stadium. “It is unfortunate what happened. That fan doesn’t represent PSV, he’s not from PSV, and let’s hope he doesn’t come onto the field again.”commented Ruud van Nisterlrooy PSV coach.

According to article 16 of UEFA’s own Disciplinary Code regarding order and security in matches of competitions, the highest European body is very clear in this regard: “The host clubs and national associations are responsible for order and security both inside and around the stadium before, during and after matches. All associations and clubs must comply with the obligations defined in the UEFA Security Regulations“.

For its part, the Spanish team is not going to denounce its Eindhoven counterpart for the attack on Marko Dmitrovic. Although the goalkeeper did show his anger with Daniele Orsato, referee of the match. “I never saw anything like it. I’m going to shut up so as not to say what I really wanted to do. I’m glad I was aware of where he was and narrowed him down. Luckily I stopped, otherwise other things could have happened. She wanted to hit me It’s unfortunate that this happens on a soccer field.. UEFA should intervene, this has to stop,” he expressed.

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