Summer Tournament: Boca and Independiente drew 0-0 in a weak match


Boca Juniors and Independiente equalized at the opening of the International Summer Soccerof which it is also a part Chilean Evertonbased at the stadium bicentennial of san juan.

The first half was dominated by the Red in the debut of Leandro Stillitano Meanwhile he xeneize Delaware Hugo Ibarra it was difficult for him to deepen, but he had the clearest ones in the complement after the expulsion of Sergio Barreto.

In the first part there were several risky plays for Independiente, led by Rodrigo Márquez After 7 minutes, he faced up, shot across the ball and his low shot passed close to the post. At 14, but against chila Márquez commanded alone after a quick touch of Ivan Marcone and I took a shot where Rossi saved the bow Xeneize and another clear one was when the striker of the Red He finished off over the crossbar and missed the first of the night. It was difficult for Boca to settle down, It was only after 35 minutes that he had the first dangerous action with a free kick from Villa from the left that went over the crossbar.

In the plugin, Boca changed goalkeeper, Javier García replaced Agustín Rossi in the goal, a decision by Hugo Ibarra to film all his goalkeepers.

Even though both teams did not show brilliance and although the intention of both was to generate football, the two teams realized the little filming that drag product of the preseason.

The meeting had no emotions until Barreto was sent off in Independiente. The central defender saw the second yellow card after a foul on Villa and the referee showed him the red one. And Xeneize tried to generate scoring chances but to no avail.

And if within the field of play not too much happened, attention was focused on the grandstands due to some incidents in the grandstands. The crossover took place between Boca fans who were in the East Plateau and those of Independiente who were in the Popular Sur, the match was suspended for 8 minutes.

The contest will continue with the matches Independent-Everton (Wednesday 11) and Boca-Everton (Saturday 14), all with a start time at 9:30 p.m..

Boca’s present

The xeneizewith the continuity of Hugo Ibarra As a coach, he got the Professional Football League (LPF) and the League Cuplosing the final of Champions Trophy against Careers. Boca has an important list of finals on its horizon, on the 20th of this month it will play against the academy is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for the International Super Cup 2022.

Boca pass market

  • Heights: Nicholas Valentini (He came back from Aldosivi), ezekiel fernandez (He came back from Tigre), rodrigo montes (He came back from Córdoba Central), Oscar Solomon (He came back from Tigre), erik bonder (He returned from Sacachispas), Israel Escalante (Returned from Alajualense, Costa Rica), Renzo Giampaoli (He came back from Rosenborg, Norway), gabriel vega (He returned from Godoy Cruz), Tomas Fernandez (He returned from San Martín de San Juan), Juan Hurtado (He returns from Bragantino, Brazil).
  • Low: Gaston Gerzel (Loan to Sarmiento), carlos zambrano (rescinded), Damian Puebla (Institute), Adrian Sanchez (He returned from Everton, Chile and went on loan to Atlético Tucumán).

The present of Independent

For his part he Redgoing through a serious financial crisis after the debts that the entity contracted during the mandate of the trade unionist Hugo Moyanotoday he will replace the presidency with the journalist Fabian Doman.

The new coach of Independiente is Leandro Stillitanoinstead of Julius Caesar Falcioni. the DT you will have your first experience of a professional team after working as field assistant gustavo quinteros is Colo-Colo of Chile.

summer tournament

The Independiente pass market

  • Heights: kevin lopez (Quilmes), Mauritius Leather (Banfield), Martin Cauteruccio (Aldosivi), rodrigo rey (Gym), elias contreras (He came back from Brown de Adrogue), damian perez (Arsenal), luciano gomez (Loan from Argentines), Thomas Ortega (He returned from Institute), brayan martinez (He came back from Aldosivi), Augustine Mulet (Loan from Vélez), matias gimenez (San Martin de San Juan).
  • Low: Sebastian Sosa (free), Gonzalo Asis (from La Plata), Alex Vigo (He returned to River), Juan Insaurralde (Sarmiento), lucas rodriguez (free), John Pacchini (free), Lucas Romero (Leon, Mexico), Alan Sonora (free), Damian Batallini (He returned to Argentinos), leandro fernandez (Free and facundo ferreyra (He returned to Xolos, Mexico), renzo bacchia (Loan to Cerro Largo, Uruguay), juan da rosa (He came back from Almagro and went free), mauro molina (He returned from Quilmes and went on loan to Defensores de Belgrano), Milton Alvarez (Quilmes).

Boca and Independiente formations

Boca Juniors: Augustin Rossi; Luis Advíncula, Facundo Roncaglia, Agustín Sández and Frank Fabra; Alan Varela, Guillermo Fernández and Juan Ramírez; Norberto Briasco; Nicholas Orsini and Sebastian Villa. DT: Hugo Ibarra.

Independent: Rodrigo Rey; Luciano Gomez, Sergio Barreto, Edgard Elizalde and Ayrton Costa; Iván Marcone, Lucas González and Agustín Mulet, Juan Cazares, Rodrigo Márquez and Matías Giménez. DT; Leandro Stillitano.

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