Talleres beat Sarmiento and does not loosen up his fight with River


Talleres’ victory against Sarmiento by the slightest difference can be summed up in the task of Diego Valoyes. The forward was the author of the only goal at the Eva Perón Stadium in Junín to give Javier Gandolfi’s team the three points that allow him to dream of staying in the fight with River in the fight for the Professional League title.

In just six minutes, the T was enough to close an important victory that will defend the definition of the domestic championship, since the Millionaire will not be able to be champion next weekend, when he faces San Lorenzo.

The Colombian’s header that left José Devecchi without a chance sealed the final figures in a day full of controversy.

It happens that Valoyes himself starred in a striking scene in the supplement, in which he touched the ball twice with his hand inside the area and the referee Sebastián Martínez, protected by the vision of the VAR, decided not to sanction the maximum penalty.

With the victory, Talleres was nine units behind the leader River when there are still 12 units in dispute, so the cast of Núñez will not be able to close the objective next Saturday when they visit the third in contention, San Lorenzo.

One of the possible scenarios for Martín Demichelis’s team to celebrate the conquest is if they manage to beat Ciclón at Pedro Bidegain and the T does not win in their commitment against Unión de Santa Fe. Another option would be a tie in the classic that will be played in the Nuevo Gasómetro and that the Tatengue stays with the victory in Córdoba.

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