Talleres clings to the top: Analysis of the last matches of Argentine soccer


While Talleres continues at the top, Huracán fights to recover, River is waiting for victory and Defense and Justice increase in the table. Key moments are coming for Argentine soccer teams, as reported by Román Iutch in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

workshops won in Junin in a match in which the victory resulted indispensable to, from mathematics, continue supporting the team as a possible winner of the tournament.

Thanks to the goal of Diego ValoyesThe team of Javier Gandolfi defeated 1-0 at sarmiento. With this result, a unalterable sentence: there will be no Olympic round on Saturday in the new gasometereven if River beat the cyclone of Ruben Dario Insua.

It is interesting to mention that San Lorenzo has gone almost a year without conceding goals in matches of the Local League, while Martin Demichelis and his team have managed to score in all the games of this championship. Saturday’s matchup will end one of these streaks, whether the championship leader break defensive invulnerability of the arch of august battle or what San Lorenzo lose that record after almost a year.

River beat Colón and is excited to win the title early

Returning to the subject of Workshops, the team is at the top of the earthly championship, while River plays another parallel tournament. In this championship, the team led by Javier Gandolfi has been the best, showing an exceptional performance. “This group deserves to finish in the best way, because they have had a very good tournament,” said the technical director of the T, who provided a clear and direct analysis of his team’s game.

Talleres de Córdoba beat Sarmiento and intends to continue in the fight for the championship

By contrast, Hurricane keep going sinking in the standings, without the change of coach modifying his course in terms of results. Despite a good first half, the team Patricks Park he did not get the luck necessary to get a victory, although Huracan, in general, deserved better luck.

On the opposite side was Atlético Tucumán, who also made his debut with the new coaches, favio orsi and sergio gomez. The timing of the Globe seems complicated, even in terms of chance. Although diego martinez has shown some positive signs of recovery in football, the team urgently needs better results.

The other team that took the victory was Defense and Justicewith outstanding performance Nicholas “Uvita” Fernandez, one of the top scorers in the championship. Despite starting out losing to Arsenal, the team led by Julio Vaccari change to trace the result with two points from their scorer. Defense and Justice is in the fifth position of the tournament, with River in the lead with 53 pointsfollowed by workshops with 44Saint Lawrence against 42, lanus scam 40 and Defense and Justice with 39.

Talleres beat Sarmiento and does not loosen up his fight with River

barracks centerHe also scored a valuable away win, winning 2-0 against belgrano. Under the direction of sergio rondinaa coach known for getting the most out of his teams, Barracas collected a full six points in his last two games, defeating the future champion and Belgrano.

The date 24 of the championship will begin tomorrow, and although there will be a rest day today, it is important to take into account that, regardless of the result of the match between River and San Lorenzo, there will be no Olympic round.

So that the team Martin Demichelis become champion, must obtain a result better what workshops Therefore, the match of the T against Union Monday will bring us more news for this next newsletter.


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