The chats of the accused of Lucio’s crime: from the tenure claim to “we are going to send a shit”

The trial for the crime of pike dupuythe 5-year-old boy murdered in November 2021 in La Pampa, will come to an end this week with the verdict of the court that judges his mother and the girlfriend. It is expected that on Thursday, February 2, the Santa Rosa Court of Hearings will decide the fate of Magdalena Esposito Valentithe mother of the victim, and her partner abigail paez. However, the penalty would be known within two weeks.

What did leave the trial process were details of the horror that the five-year-old boy lived. And the chats between the people involved are one of the strongest proofs.

Crime by Lucio Dupuy | The mother and her partner were found guilty of manslaughter

“Don’t let your hand go, we’re going to send a shit”

probably one of the conversations is the strongest, due to the phrase that was recorded when Lucio’s mother told her partner, after hitting him, “Don’t get out of hand, we’re going to send a shit up.” In the conversation it is detailed that his son “behaved badly” and as punishment Páez hit him.

Lucio sent a booger and I hit him”, Abigail wrote to Magdalena, who replied: “Don’t get too far. That we are going to send a shit ”.

Those accused of killing Lucio Dupuy are not present at the reading of the verdict

These chats contrast with the statements made by the defendants in front of the court made up of Alejandra Ongaro, Aníbal Olié and Daniel Sáez Zamora. “I loved Lucio and I miss him a lot, and I think about him a lot and talk to him a lot,” Páez said, on whom the attack that caused his death is centered. Other violent episodes, psychological abuse, but also her inaction to protect her son from the final attack are focused on the mother.

Lucio with his paternal grandparents

When declaring, the girlfriend of the baby’s mother recorded: “When I got home, I saw Lucio who was sending a snot. It doesn’t matter what, because it’s beside the point. So, I took him by the arm and kicked him several times on the tail. It was all very fast, I don’t know. I hit him and I didn’t measure where the truth was, nor do I know why either.

“I can’t find an explanation for it yet,” he added. I know I hurt him, I realized it at the time and tried to remedy it. Then I picked him up and took him to the shower because I thought he was going to react. He tried to speak, he was still conscious. He bathed standing up. He tried to speak to me, as if to say something, but the words would not come out.

Crime of Lucio Dupuy: the trial that exposes the most atrocious torture and horrors of child violence

The women came to trial accused of the crimes of “qualified homicide and seriously insulting sexual abuse”, which provide for a sentence of life imprisonment. The debate began on Thursday, December 10, and nearly one hundred witnesses testified. According to the autopsy, the child “had multiple injuries from blows, bites and burns, old and recent.”

“I don’t even want to see Lucio because it makes my life bitter”

Another of the conversations that were exposed in the case was when an episode was narrated in which the child had vomited due to eating large amounts of food. This indigestion occurred because he was not fed well at his home either, and when he went to play at a friend’s house, his family noticed that he ate large amounts, which ended up vomiting.

Those vomits also infuriated the couple in charge of Lucio: “Abi, how did you hit him? She has vomited twice now”, Espósito Valenti asks Abigail. “Look, I don’t even want to see Lucio. He makes my life bitter ”, she answers. After an assault, the mother’s girlfriend tells her: “It would be better not to take to school”.

Lucio Dupuy case: a neighbor gave details of the mistreatment suffered by the child before he died

Mother’s girlfriend wrote: “I don’t even want to see Lucio because it makes my life bitter”.

Couple arguments often have to do with hatred towards Lucio. In one of the talks, both discussed why Lucio “interfere in their lives” and Páez wrote, by way of reproach: “I’m fed up. I have to spend all day with this asshole. We can not go out. We can’t do anything with this asshole here.”

“I am the mother, nowhere will you be better than with me”

Before beginning the ordeal that the five-year-old suffered, he lived happily at his uncle’s, after an agreement between his parents. Lucio’s mother had no money to support him and his father lived in Luján for work. Until the judicial dispute began and the false accusations of his mother to obtain the guardianship of Lucio, which the judge Ana Clara Perez Ballester gave place.

Lucio Dupuy with his father, Christian Dupuy 20220516
Lucio’s father with his son

In some chats this dispute became clear, in which the father, christian dupuyHe was opposed to custody returning to the mother: “I am speaking well to you. Lucio never lacked the food quota that I gave you”, wrote Cristian in the conversation of February 25, 2020. The woman replied: “I am the mother, so I know very well that with me it will be fine. Like when I left him with them (because of the uncles), I left him because I knew he was going to be better off than with me..

And he continued: “As I already told Leti (Lucio’s aunt), I want to fix things well. If you are against it, it’s up to you. I am also reassured that Lucio is going to come back with me. I have nothing more to talk about. Luck”.

His ex-partner replied: “Magui, you signed papers. The day you want Lucio you have to meet the conditions. A stable job, a home for Lucio and a lot of other things. It’s not going to be easy for you. They (because of the uncles) are not going to give it to you just like that. The baby is not a package to have it from here to there “Christian wrote.

The conversation continues with the mother’s response: “Exactly, (those requirements) I already have them all. That’s why I want you to come back to me. And nowhere will be better than with me”. christian dupuy He replied: “And how do you know that it will be better? He already has his things, his piece, his garden friends. Are you sure you want Lucio to go through it all again?”


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