The endless pain of Lucio Dupuy’s grandmother, in the hours of autumn

The grandmother of Lucio Dupuy, the 5-year-old boy beaten to death in November 2021 in Santa Rosa by his mother and the couple who are in custody and are being tried for the crime, recalled the last time she saw her grandson in July of that year and regretted not having received a sign from him of what was happening to him.

“How did Lucio not give me a clue, a sign? It gives me impotence and suffering, because I was in there with him but he was happy, he played with us and he didn’t give us any, not a sign at all,” Silvia Gómez lamented about that last meeting in which she said she saw her grandson between “15 and 20 minutes in the house of his murderers.”

“In the month of July I traveled from (General) Pico to Santa Rosa for an appointment at the doctor and my daughter took me to the house where Lucio lived. After sending him many messages to let me see him, the mother told us to go home,” the boy’s grandmother told the Télam agency.

The visit will take place in the house located at 2300 Allan Kardec street, the same one where a little more than four months later Lucio was beaten to death, for which his mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti, is being held and is being tried. , and his partner, Abigaíl Páez.

“When we went, the mother was not there, the other murderer was there, the one who let us in. We couldn’t get anywhere, because she told us that he was congested and couldn’t get out. They were fifteen or twenty minutes in the house, while Páez went around and prepared lunch,” said Gómez.

“In that time, Lucio was happy, he showed us the gifts they had given him for his birthday, which had been July 5. We played with his toys, he seemed like a happy child. Why didn’t he tell us anything? Why didn’t he give us a clue? the woman lamented.

“He showed us the toys, he was happy and I thanked this murderer for letting us see it. The baby did not have any congestion, he did not have the flu, today it is clear that they did not want the baby to be alone with us outside ”,.

“If we had seen something, if we had asked, if we had found out, Lucio could be alive,” he lamented again.

Gómez explained that generally, because they lived in different cities in La Pampa, she and her husband, Ramón, saw Lucio through video calls.

Finally, Silvia announced that next Thursday people from different towns in La Pampa and other provinces, such as Córdoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe, will travel to Santa Rosa to accompany them in the verdict.

Lucio was murdered on November 26, 2021 in the house where he lived with his mother and her partner, who took him to the Santa Rosa hospital without vital signs.

Both women have since been detained and face charges of qualified homicide and outrageous sexual abuse.

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