The forceful statement of the president of Atlético Nacional about the future of Franco Armani


In the last days, frank armani has been on the lips of fans and journalists, who have spoken about his performance after his last appearances in front of the goal of Silver river. The goalkeeper’s outlook is not ideal since he has been seen to be a bit confused on the field and taking this situation into account, some rumors have been installed about his immediate future.

A few hours ago his wife wrote a message on Twitter in which she expressed a desire for the return of the goalkeeper to coffee soil that has already seen him obtain great results.

To clarify this panorama, Mauricio Navarro, president of Atlético Nacional spoke about it: “Por at the moment we are not in a position to face a contract like Armani’s. Your name is not under consideration at this time, there are many boys that we have to give flight. We don’t have the capacity to bring in players like Franco. There are very good goalkeepers on the squad right now,” sustained.

“We had an economic and football restructuring, that is why we are not in a position to ask him to come back. He is an idol of the house and he knows that, we love him very much. Hopefully he can retire here, but at the moment it is not a possibility”, closed.


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