The gesture in social networks of Facundo Colidio that excites River


Facundo Colidiolast pass by Tigeragreed to a four-year contract with Silver river and made a suggestive decision on Instagram: he deleted all posts related to mouth Juniorsthe club where it started.

The soccer player from Rafaela, Santa Fe, gave the ok to his representative Hernán Berman to play in Núñez, after rejecting an offer to return to Mouthrevealed sources close to the negotiation.

The only thing that separates the player from River the thing is Bury, the entity that owns the economic rights, accepts the offer. The Argentine club will offer between Monday and Tuesday about five million dollars for the total of the card and it is estimated that it will be approved by the Italians.

Mouth He made the same economic proposal, but for 85% of the pass. What finally ruled out the operation was the player’s refusal, who this Saturday also removed 28 posts related to his first club on his Instagram feed.

collidium23 years old, broke up on June 30, Tiger, where he played 72 games and scored 11 goals. Without making his debut in the First Division, the striker was sold by Mouth to Bury at nine million dollars at the end of 2017.

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