The Government maintained that the pilots of the presidential plane “accepted everything that the Tower said”

The controversy will take time to silence: on one side are those who defend the “aviation uses and customs”and on the other who consider that the maneuver of the new presidential plane upon its arrival in the countrywhen “flying over the center” at low altitude the Aeroparque runway on a stormy day, with numerous planes in the area, it was “a necessary risk.”

The controversy arose because at a certain moment in the dialogue between the operator who directs the descent from the Control Tower and the pilot of the presidential planeshe points out that “never authorize your descent”, alluding to the 3,000-foot band that ARG-01 had been asked to maintain. However, after this caused it to be mentioned that the pilots “disobeyed the Tower”, the Presidency came out at the crossroads of said opinions, indicating that “The pilots complied at all times with what they were told from the Tower, they never did anything that was not authorized”.

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And regarding that point of the descent that they would have started, the official spokesmen indicated that “when the Tower says that it did not freely descend, the pilot corrects immediately and follows the instructionsuntil the pass and the subsequent descent are authorized”.

“At all times follow the instructions of the operator of the Tower. The dialogues between the pilot and the operators are absolutely normal and at all times the pilot abides by what the Tower tells him,” they stressed.

Detail below full audio playing dialogue that they maintained from ARG-01 with the Control Tower:

In this audio it is verified that this initial pass, over the center of the Aeroparque runway, is effectively authorized by the controllers, to the point that from the Tower The route that the ARG-01 will take to return to the air station is agreed with the pilots.for the second time and already for the landing.

The issue, then supported by the Presidency, is that “everything was authorized from the Tower and there were no disobediences.” The controversy over the risk that this initial pass could mean will surely continue and will take time to silence.

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