The impressive tribute of the ARA Almirante Irízar in Antarctica for the Argentine National Team


There are only a few days left until two months have passed since the consecration of the Argentine national team in it Qatar World Cup 2022. In different parts of the planet the fans fit in celebrating and, in this sense, andlARA Admiral Irízar stopped along the way to honor the 26 players who brought us the third star.

The entire crew had to get off the boat to display the national flag on the ice, according to the official account of the Argentine Navy. “The Almirante Irizar Icebreaker, a tribute to the National Soccer Team in front of the southernmost Base of the Argentine Republic in Antarctica-Belgrano 2 Base, near the South Pole”.

The members of the delegation organized themselves to be able to recreate on the ice the three stars that appear bordered on the Albiceleste shirt in an impressive tribute to La Scaloneta.

It is officially established that during navigation through the coastal channel San Martín the ship approached the giant iceberg A81 which is located on the navigation route of the “Irízar” towards Belgrano II. Subsequently, flight maneuvers were carried out in order to find the safest route to navigate in good conditions and thus perform the tribute to the world champions.


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