The leader of the Federal Revolution returns to Court for the attacks on politicians


The leader of the Federal Revolution, Jonathan Morel, must return tomorrow to the courts of Comodoro Py to answer for the attacks denounced by political personalities and journalists.

Morel was summoned by federal judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi to extend his inquiry tomorrow, Monday, in the framework of a section of the case in which he is prosecuted for incitement to violence.

The leader of the far-right group is accused of having attacked the former head of INADI Victoria Donda; the mayor of Avellaneda, Jorge Ferraresi, and the legislators of the Frente de Todos Maia Daer and Claudia Neira, when they walked near the Government House on July 4 of last year. Morel yelled at Ferraresi’s back: “Traitor to the country, we are going to set fire to you, your mother’s shell. We are going to kill them, one by one we are going to bring them down to these sons of bitches”.

Likewise, he is accused of inciting collective violence in the context of a transmission through Twitter Space where he insulted and threatened the journalist Víctor Hugo Morales on August 19, 2022.

The summons is issued at the request of prosecutor Gerardo Pollicitta, who thought that “the protests used by Morel against Daer, Neira, Ferraresi, Donda, Morales and the C5N television medium, later published and viralized on different social networks (…) were clear incitement to collective violence”.

In addition to Morel, Leonardo Sosa was summoned, but for another date. The designated number 2 of Revolución Federal is accused of resisting authority after struggling with a police officer in front of the building where Cristina Kirchner lives, on August 22 of last year. The fight took place because Sosa was found breaking some fences, with the supposed intention of throwing the fragments.

Although Morel, Sosa together with Sabrina Basile and Gastón Guerra were initially prosecuted for “imposing their ideas and fighting those of others by force or fear”, the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber failed to moderate the accusation and order the release that had been rejected by Martínez de Giorgi.

The new and possible connection with the attack on CFK. Morel was once again at the center of the scene after the complaint that represents the vice president in the case in which the attempted murder against her is being investigated asked to suspend the filing of the file at the request of a trial.

The lawyers José Manuel Ubeira and Marcos Aldazábal urgently required testing to determine if there is a link between the leader of the group and the defendants Fernando Fernando Sabag Montiel, Brenda Uliarte and Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo.

For prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, who has been delegated the investigation, there is no relationship between the “Federal Revolution” case and the attack. However, prior to raising Rívolo’s elevation to Judge Capuchetti, Ubeira and Aldazábal included in their request a report from the General Directorate of Investigations and Technological Support for Criminal Investigation (Datip) on the content of Morel’s devices.

Said report accounts for a communication between Jonathan and a person whom he had scheduled as “Dali Revolución” who made himself available for an event called “bullet activity” where he wanted to “use the 9mm.” The vice lawyers suspect that it would be Angélica Dalila Monti, a contact that was found on Leonardo Sosa’s phone and who was also found with Morel when he was arrested in Paraná last year.

Given this, the complaint claimed the geolocation of Monti’s telephone lines, as well as the interweaving of his calls with the cell phones of Brenda Uliarte, Fernando Sabag Montiel and Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo.

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