The match between Boca and Huracán by Professional League changed a time change


Next Monday Mouth and Hurricane It must be measured by date 24 next Monday, July 10, a meeting that was stipulated for 9:30 p.m. because River He has a chance of becoming champion without him playing Millionaire and the security organizations want to prevent the fans of both teams from crossing each other.

In this sense and as a result of the victory of workshops against sarmiento Delaware JuninThe team of Martin Demichelis must wait for a result to consume his consecration in the professional league and therefore the schedule of the match between Xeneizes and burners It will be brought forward to 19:30two hours earlier than originally agreed.

For this reason, Mouth and Hurricane It will be rescheduled and played earlier so that there is no risk of the Boquense and River Plate teams meeting on public roads.

Talleres-Unión would be rescheduled at 9:30 p.m.

He Bullfighter de Córdoba by beating the group of DamonteHe still has mathematical chances to fight for the championship, although it seems like an extremely complicated task because he will have to win his 4 commitments and River I would have to lose a lot of points.

In case the Band win before San Lorenzo next Saturday June 8th and Talleres cannot defeat Union del kily gonzalezThe team of Demichelis will shout champion.

Yeah River and the Cordovan club tie, Núñez’s team will take 9 points from their escort with 9 units to play.

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