The millions of Arabs thrashed Real Madrid: Benzema is going to play Saudi Arabia


With one year left on his contract, the owner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or as the best player on the planet last season, the Frenchman Karim Benzema announced this Sunday that He is leaving Real Madrid and his destiny will be developing football in Saudi Arabia. A change of a fortune, sure. A sum so colossal that not even Madrid, almost the most powerful club in Europe, has been able to hurt him in front.

The versions about the club in which Benzema will join speak of Al Ittihad, but it was not confirmed by the player. They talk on the Internet, but real life is not the Internet”, Benzema had said in the last few hours, “reassuring” the Madrid fans, who could not believe that their star, the symbol of the multi-champion European team, would leave them for money, to go to a football infinitely lower in hierarchy and that so many times is played almost without an audience in the stands.

Benzema had arrived at Real Madrid in 2009 and won 25 titles, says goodbye to the “merengue” shirt this afternoon against Biblao. The club announced his departure after an official statement. The Spanish media talk about Harry Kane as his possible replacement.

“Real Madrid CF and our captain Karim Benzema have agreed to end his brilliant and unforgettable period as a player for our club”starts on statement released this Sunday by the “White House” institution.

“Real Madrid wants to show its gratitude and all its affection for who is already one of our greatest legends”, narrates one of its paragraphs in relation to the idyllic relationship that existed between the two. Karim Benzema arrived in 2009 at just 21 years old. And after 14 successful seasons with 25 titles for him, he became one of the biggest winners in the club’s history.

Real Madrid stayed with the Copa del Rey and got the hundred official titles

As reported, Al Ittihad of Arab football would disburse 200 million euros to have him as one of the ambassadors for the long-awaited dream of organizing the 2030 World Cup.

Although his official farewell match will be this afternoon against Bilbao, next Tuesday, June 6, at 12:00 p.m. in Madrid, an institutional act of tribute and farewell to Karim Benzema will take place at Real Madrid City, with the presence of of the president of the institution Florentino Pérez.

Words that lie a little

On June 1, during the MARCA awards ceremony, where the French star took the MARCA Legend award, Karim Benzema declared: “Why do I have to talk about the future? I am at Real Madrid. The reality is another, not what is said on the Internet.

Real Madrid want a world champion to replace Karim Benzema

“I am very proud of my work, I enjoy every moment in Madrid. Going to Valdebebas to train is not a job. In my head I enjoy Madrid. Yesterday, today and tomorrow in training,” he responded to the query from journalist Miguel Quintana .

“I have a game on Saturday, I train tomorrow, so right now I’m in Madrid. A message to Real Madrid fans? One, two, three… Hala Madrid!”, he concluded.

the most winning

The French goalscorer won 25 titles, a record number for Real Madrid: 5 European Cups, 5 Club World Cups, 4 European Super Cups, 4 Leagues, 3 Copas del Rey and 4 Spanish Super Cups.

Karim Benzema is the fifth player who has worn the “white” shirt the most times with 647 games, and is the second all-time goalscorer for Real Madrid with 353 goals. He is also Real Madrid’s second all-time goalscorer in both the League and the European Cup. And, as if that were not enough, he is the fourth goalscorer in the Champions League in the history of this competition and the fourth goalscorer in the history of the League.

An Englishman in sight

As reported by the Spanish media Harry Kane is the one targeted to replace the legend in exchange for 100 million pounds. The England striker racked up 30 goals and three assists in 38 Premier League games. He accumulated in the season a total of 32 goals and five passes-goal in the 49 games played.

Two other targets could be the Brazilians Firmino or Richarlison. The Liverpool attacker, who ends his relationship in the coming days, scored 13 goals and five assists in 35 PJ. For his part, Richarlison with just 4 cries in 35 games has a contract until 2027.

New Testament

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