The president’s speech at the Tedeum


It was something unexpected Alberto Fernandez have taken the last word Tedeum that he offered, until this morning, Archbishop cop, according to updated Claudio Mardones in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Poli took the first word and mentioned a topic that surprised some. He said that six out of ten children are poor. He recalled that the figures reach 8,200,000 minors, of which there are more than four million with nutritional deficiencies.

The President, when he spoke at the closing of the Tedeum, said: “I really want to value his words, because I think we have to be able to build a democratic coexistence that we lack, that we have not been able to build in all this time. It is clear that in diversity we think differently”.

“I want to tell you that just as I have turned to Pope Francis many times, he Pope Francisco he was always helpingHe never stopped helping when Argentina needed it,” said Alberto Fernández.

Who is the new Archbishop of Buenos Aires?

From the main nave of the metropolitan cathedral, the event was unprecedented. It is the first time that a president has spoken at a tedeum. The only precedent dates from April 2, 1987 and was carried out by the then president alfonsinat Stella Maris Church, in retreat.

Alfonsín asked for the floor to reply to the harsh words he had thrown jose miguel medinawho had spoken of acts of corruption in the radical government. Alfonsín took the floor, replied, demanded evidence, and left a precedent that was never repeated.

This was gestated from a series of exchanges that were woven ten days ago between the Executive Power and the Archbishopric of Buenos Aires. It was the Secretary of Worship, Guillermo Oliveri, who asked if there was any possibility that Alberto could speak, taking into account that he was the last tedeum, both of Poli and of the President.

Pope Francis announced that he wants to travel to Argentina in 2024: “Let’s see if we can”

Poli said that he fully agreed, and since then the President began to prepare his speech. Alberto also took the opportunity to speak with the representatives of all the cults, who are present by protocol in the Tedeum, and took advantage of the words to Dedicate a few words to Pope Francis.

From the opposition, no one questioned that Alberto Fernández makes use of the word in this context. A few words that took advantage of the space granted one day when his centrality had been completely blurred for the act of May 25 by Cristina Kirchner.


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