The tense climate in Avellaneda continues with parades that demand to improve the panorama


is independent the situation is not ideal and after the defeat against newell’s by 2 to 0, several parades arose in different sectors of Avellaneda asking for the departure of the leaders in a team that unfortunately does not improve in sports.

At the end of the last match against the Rosario team, several supporters of Red spoke out against Pablo Cavallero, who is listed as the main person responsible for the
club crisis.

“Seoane, Damiani and Cavallero, out of Independiente”It is one of the parades that are located in this territory.

It is worth adding that this is not the first time that this type of intimidating message has appeared. Previously, some announcements related to the financial crisis had also come to light, which were quite latent in the club for a few months.

For now, the managers are working on the search for reinforcements to form a competitive team that avoids circulating in the uncomfortable positions of the relegation table and obviously they are in tune with the technician’s requests Ricardo Zielinkski.


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