The unusual proposal by Santi Maratea that excites the fans of Newell’s


Santiago Maratea He is an influencer who became very popular for organizing collections for the collaboration of great causes and in this 2023 he was in charge of helping independent to be able to pay a part of the institutional debt.

During Thursday night, while maratea gave details about the collection to the Avellaneda club, appeared with an exclusive section for fans of Newell’s.

Nothing more and nothing less than he did the math to find out how much money each club member would have to contribute to be able to buy Lionel Messi.

He also clarified that all the information used for the calculation was obtained by Google and having as reference the contract of the captain of the step with his new team, he added that to achieve this, the club currently has to reach the sum of one hundred thousand members who agree to pay 16,000 pesos per year in order to be able to pay the salary they are offered in the MLS.


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