The variants that Javier Mascherano made to play against New Zealand

The Argentine national team had his last practice before tomorrow’s game against New Zealandfor the last date of the group stage of the Sub 20 world. The team of Javier Mascherano will have several changes in relation to the eleven that thrashed Guatemalagoes for first place in Group A.

The coach’s idea is to take care of several players to regain strength in the face of the important follow-up of matches and taking into account that the zone can be won even with a draw. In that sense, Valentine Boat and Valentine Carboni they will not be from the game.

On the other hand, everything indicates that Luciano Di Lolo, Roman Vega, Ignacio Miramon, Federico Redondo and Brian Aguirre they will be holders gino infantino, Lucas Romero my Ignacio Master Puch they will also have their place in the starting eleven. The idea of little boss is to change the scheme and play with three defenders. In any case, the coach will only give the equipment to the players one hour before the start of the match.

The formation of the Argentina U-20 team against New Zealand

Frederick gomes gerth; Luciano say lollovalentine gomezRoman vega; Juan gautoFrederick Roundignacio MiramonBrian aguirre; gyno infantinoLuke Rosemary; ignacio Master Puch. DT: Javier mascherano.