They accuse the captain of Nigeria of having falsified data to play the Sub 20 World Cup


The captain of the sub selection twenty Nigeria, Daniel Bamejiwas noted on the list presented in fifa with a club that would not exist, as announced by the press in that country.

The starting defender of the African team, who already played against Dominican Republic (2-1) my Italy (2-0), plays in Yum Yum FCan unknown team even in their supposed country of origin.

Bameyi was on the list sent to FIFA as a Yum Yum FC player. Now there are reports that there is no such club“, wrote about it the American journalist brian sciaretta.

Added that from his native country, they also doubt which team the 17-year-old defender belongs to: “Where would it be from exactly? Abuja, they said, but sources in Abuja denied having met a team by that name.“, published the specialized site Own goal nigeria.

Daniel Bameji was summoned by the coach ladan bossobut also integrated the list of Jose Peseirocoach of the major for the qualifying matches for the african cup Delaware Nations of 2023 initial bet Guinea-Bissau.

“I chose him because he is a great defender, there are players of the same level, but I have to choose players that I trust”, he explained peseirowhen they asked him about his decision to add such a young footballer who does not play in the first division.

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