They close the Sívori tribune and River affirms that “there was no violence” around the fan who fell into the void


A River fan died this Saturday when falling from the Sívori Alta del Monumental tribune, a circumstance that led to the immediate suspension of the match and mourned what was an afternoon of football with the usual color in the stands. Pablo Serrano, 53, was on the edge of the upper tribune and rushed into a sector where he died from the serious injuries suffered, and tonight it was distinguished that said sector of the stadium ended up being closed for at least another 24 hours, until the skills and police investigation tasks that try to find out what happened to produce such a dramatic event are completed.

The position that River revived in the first instance was to affirm that Serrano jumped into the void from the Sívori tribuneand tonight it was insisted, in the same line that had been held in the statement released shortly after the fall of the fan, that from the review of cameras it was warned that “there was no situation of violence” that could have led to Death of Serrano.

There was still no judicial information on the progress of the investigationswhich heads the Specialized Fiscal Unit in Massive Events, headed by Dr. Celsa Ramírez.

Who was Pablo Serrano, the River fan who died in the Monumental: the disconsolate reaction of his friends

“The Football Safety Committee and Club Atlético River Plate regret to inform that, in this afternoon’s match against Defense and Justice, a supporter jumped into the void from the Sívori Alta tribune and died on the spot,” said the note from Known river in the afternoon.

The Núñez club emphasized that “the medical service immediately arrived at the area of ​​the incident, as did the police and the various security agencies,” also noting that it cannot be pointed out that Serrano fell because the area was overwhelmed, specifying that “IThe Sivori Alta grandstand, where the deceased person had his subscription, was found at 90 percent of its capacity“.

The match between River Plate and Defensa y Justicia for the Professional Soccer League was suspended due to the death of a supporter. Photos: NA

“At the time of the fall there was no intervention by third parties”River maintains, which in an implicated way would point to the responsibility of the victim herself, since it is indicated in the institutional position that “In addition, there was no situation of violence in the stands or around him”

After 30 minutes, the Stadium was completely evacuated. Security agencies and the Specialized Fiscal Unit for Massive Events, headed by Dr. Celsa Ramírez, are acting and carrying out the pertinent investigations. By tax instruction, the grandstand was closed for 24 hours to obtain evidence,” the statement closed.

a sad afternoon

they ran 26 minutes game, when from one of the popular stands the fans increased to ask for the match to be stopped to assist a supporter who had fallen into the void.

river 20230603

The match stopped for a few seconds and resumed but, before the insistent cry of the River Plate fans demanding medical assistance, the referee Fernando Rapallini stopped the match, spoke with the correspondents of the Professional League who commented on the situation and called the captains, Franco Armani and Ezequiel Unsain, to inform them of the situation, which ended in the definitive suspension. It will be up to the Professional League to decide when the match is over.


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