Tiago Nunes exploded against River: “He thinks he owns the Copa Libertadores”

At the press conference, the coach of Sporting Cristal, Tiago Nunesshot with everything before Silver river after the tie 1 to 1 for the fourth date of the Libertadores Cup. Both teams have 4 points, but the Millionaire he is last on goal difference.

The people of River always believe they are the owners of the Copa Libertadores, of Conmebol. We are used to this,” he said. Tiago Nunes at the post-match press conference. And he added: “As a Brazilian I competed many times against them. I won some, I lost others. But if we here as Peruvians want to compete against them, we have to mark some territory. Here is Lima, it is Peru. We are local, we have to make ourselves respected here.”

Then the technical director of Sporting Cristal stated that after the first match against Riverin Argentina he has heard “many things” and explained: “Many nonsense, We have heard that we are a cowardly, shitty team…things like this. And it seems to me that they were very strong things for a team that in that game had an average of 22.7 years old and today is 24 years old. We are a young team that is training players for the future of Cristal and Peruvian soccer“.

“Apart from the feeling of pride for our players, it’s not easy. I don’t think quality is in one nationality, but We were the only Peruvian team that added on this date. Peruvian teams are not used to fighting for big things in the Cup and we are trying to implement this mentality at Cristal,” he said. Tiago Nunes.