Tragedy at the Monumental: a fan who fell from the Sívori Alta died


What promised to be a party ended in tragedy. The match between River and Defensa y Justicia at the Monumental stadium was suspended after 26 minutes of play due to the death of a fan who fell from the Sívori Alta stands.

The authorities used to establish the causes of his death from the moment of the suspension: first there was talk of an accident, then a state of unconsciousness and then a possible suicide. The club and the Security organizations, in an official statement, published that “a supporter jumped into the void from the Sívori Alta stand and died on the spot.”

The victim’s name was Pablo Marcelo Serrano. He was 53 years old. He was a member of the club and a member of the Morón branch. He was with his daughter, from whom he separated when he entered because they were going to two different sectors. The other relatives arrived at the stadium around 6:30 p.m. alerted and moved by the situation. The head of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, stated in statements to the Todo Noticias channel that the sympathizer “died on the spot, as a result of serious trauma, since he fell from a height of about 15 meters.”

They were running 26 minutes into the game, when from one of the popular stands they swelled to ask for the match to be stopped to assist a supporter who had fallen. There were people in a state of shock, especially those who were meters from the scene. “At one point I heard that in the stands they were chanting that we stop the game. They told us that there was a person who was in serious condition, but it was not yet confirmed that he had died, ”said the match referee, Fernando Rapallini, at a press conference. And he added: “Four or five minutes later they notified me that the person had passed away. And that’s why the security organizations warned me that the game was suspended.

Faced with the alarming panorama, the two captains –Franco Armani and Ezequiel Unsain– told their colleagues what had happened and supported the decision of the authorities.

After the fall of the deceased fan, 911 was immediately notified to request the presence of the personnel of the 13th Neighborhood Police Station, who arrived and deployed a viewpoint of the City Police. The gallery was closed for 24 hours to examine the place and determine the causes of death.

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