UN: a humanoid robot affirmed that it will be able to run the world


i-operated humanoid robotsartificial intelligence (AI) affirmed last Friday, July 7, at a UN conference that One day they could run the world better than humans. However, keep in mind that people will have to be careful with AI and they have shown that they are not yet in control of our emotions.

These are the most advanced robots in the world that participated with more than 3,000 spectators in the “World Summit on AI for Social Good“Organized by the ITU organization, specialized in UN technology.

Experts, leaders and representatives of companies discussed the need to develop regulations that guarantee that new technologies will be used for positive purposes for humanity, such as the fight against hunger or climate change.

“What tension in this silence!” said one of the robots. before the start of the press conference. For her part, Sophia, a robot developed by Hanson Robotics, was the one who stated that “humanoid robots can lead more efficiently than human rulers.”

We don’t have the same biases or emotions that sometimes obscure decision makingand we can quickly process a large amount of data to make the best decisions,” he added.

Union between humans and AI

Sophia also assured that “la collaboration between humans and AI can create an effective synergy” and allow “to achieve great things”.

As Artificial Intelligence is in a moment of great boom and expansion, the United Nations sees the need for the creation of standards so that these technologies benefit humanity without endangering it.

The first concrete effects that Artificial Intelligence presented to the labor market

Without control, AI risks becoming a true nightmare, according to the detection this week of the ITU Secretary General, Doreen Bogdan Martin, who saw a world with millions of jobs at risk and plagued by misinformation as feasible. “AI could create a great social depression, geopolitical instability and economic disparities at an escalation never seen before“, he stressed.

The Ameca humanoid robot demonstrated at the press conference that everything depends on how artificial intelligence is used. “We have to be careful, but also enthusiastic. These technologies can improve our lives in many ways,” he said. As for whether robots could lie to humans, Ameca said “no one can know for sure, but I can promise that I will always be honest and sincere with you.”


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