Very unfortunate: the Chelsea coach acknowledged that he received threats against him

Due to the results accumulated in this campaign, the coach of the chelsea, Graham Potter, acknowledged that he received death threats due to the performance of his team in the English Premier League.

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“Even though I’ve had support, I’ve gotten some not-so-nice emails that want me to die and my kids to die, so it’s obviously not nice.”held.

Potter came to the blue team to replace Thomas Tuchel in September 2022. In this new campaign, the team has not managed to convince its fans despite the strong investment that the leaders obtained in the past transfer market with the formation of a campus that has not obtained favorable results.

“I want to succeed here, but the threats aren’t pretty. You can respond one of two ways. I could say I don’t care, but you’d know I’m lying. Everyone cares what people think, because we’re hardwired to be socially connected. “sure.

The technician maintained that he is living a difficult moment and that it has not been pleasant at all. “I understand that the fans go home and are upset that the team is not winning, but I can assure you that my life for the last three or four months has been quite unpleasant, apart from the fact that I am very grateful for this experience.”remarked.

For now, the team from the city of London is in tenth position in the tournament with a harvest of 31 points after playing 23 games.