Virtual shopping in supermarkets grows, but so does crime


Purchases in supermarkets through virtual channels grew 164% in the year, according to INDEC figures. Those that also increased were cyberattacks, and Argentina became the country in the region with the highest number of these crimes. With an average of 2,000 cases detected per day and a growing number of online purchases, the specialists provided PROFIL with tips to protect the security of transactions.

Although it is still a smaller proportion of total supermarket sales, since it represents 2.8%, online purchases are growing. “This demonstrates not only a maturation of the ecosystem and that users are trusting more”, but also the new habits acquired “during the isolation due to the pandemic”, Luis Lubeck, a specialist in computer security and educational mentor of the NGO, explained to this outlet. “Argentine Cybersecurity”.

As reported by PERFIL in its June 25 edition, according to a study by the consulting firms WIN and Voices!, 11% of Argentines suffered a virtual scam, a number that is in line with this trend. During the pandemic this percentage was 8%.

Because crime adapts to the environment, the advice to avoid falling into traps is similar to what you might encounter in the real world: “Be vigilant and informed” is the main thing, Lubeck said.

As a first measure, it is recommended to “look for reliable channels that are recognized in the market”, which have “protected purchases and intermediation services in case of problems”, explained to PROFILE Federico Repond, CEO and co-founder of Artekium.

Before starting any transaction, experts recommend checking that the connection is secure. “This brings us to another point,” explained Repond: “always keep our software up to date. In general, this exposed avoids being exposed to vulnerabilities typical of the applications” and, even taking all these precautions, verifying that we are not victims of phishing, “a site that looks exactly the same as the original, but with a different web address”.

In addition to entering official sites, it is convenient to “pay attention to the reputation of the seller,” Repond clarified. “Performing searches on previous experiences and comments from the seller or the store is essential”, as well as not falling for impossible offers: “if we see a latest model smartphone at a ridiculous price, it is most likely a scam”.

Following the advice of specialists is very important precisely because Argentina occupies fourth place in the world ranking of cyberattacks, and in 2023 it is leading the count in the region. “Today, all segments can be victims of cybercrime,” Sergio Oroña, Managing Partner of Consulting Services, commented to PROFILE.

From the point of view of companies, “the big problem they have is how they get up after having suffered a cyberattack” so “having a good cybersecurity culture” has become increasingly important for companies.

“It is necessary for companies to consider and implement working with a good technological partner, who have good certifications and good experience in the market,” said Oroña.

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