What are the five drinks that delay aging


“This is what the people of the Blue Zones, who statistically live the longest lives without chronic disease. So it’s a connection. I cannot establish a causal relationship, but I can affirm that in these Blue Zones, that is, what people drink and they do it daily for decades or even a century,” said the researcher. dan buttner, book author “The blue zones: lessons to live longer from the people who have lived the longest”.

Far from the myth of the elixir of eternal youth, there are regions of the planet where the life expectancy is much longer than the standard. These places contain populations where people live much longer than the rest of the world, and are called “Blue Zones”. The Italian island of Sardinia was the first blue zone discovered in the world.

As a result of the investigation, they recognized that, in addition to Sardinia, there were four other blue zones: okinawa islandIn Japan, the town of Nicoya in Costa Rica; the island of Icaria, in Greece; and the Adventist community of Loma Linda, in California. These spaces, so remote geographically, share certain qualities in the habit of life of their inhabitants.

According to Buettner’s statements, eating less than satiety and having a balanced diet that includes plenty of vegetables, legumes, and fruits, engaging in regular physical activity as part of daily activities, and having a strong sense of community, being part of groups that cultivate faith or religion, are some of the conclusions of his book regarding this phenomenon.

To this classification, in recent statements by the writer, is added the list of five types of drinks consumed in these areas that reinforce the hypothesis of daily habit as a way of maintaining longevity. According to Buettner’s observations, five are the liquids ingested to reinforce vitality.

“If you ask a centenarian what explains the area’s longevity, they’ll tell you good food, clean air and fresh water. And it may be that, indeed, the water in the Blue Zones is cleaner”, stated the researcher, about the people in the blue zones who drink water when feeding.

In the Nicoya Peninsula, H₂O contains calcium and magnesiumFor this reason, Buettner explained: “When you have high calcium levels, it conspires to make your bones stronger, so people have fewer fractures and fewer fatal falls. yellow magnesium is good for heart function”.

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Another option to consider is the matcha Tea, that meets all the requirements to enhance health and can be enjoyed very well served, hot or cold. “Matcha tea is packed with catechins, also known as ECGCs, which contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds. These helpful antioxidants go after inflammation in the body and work to repair and heal the damage,” he explained. Tracy Lockwood BeckermanNutrition expert from New York.

the black

Within the infusions, the black tea contains caffeine, antioxidant polyphenols, L-theanine and flavanols. As a result, it protects against the development of several chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. And in fact it is even better for digestion than other similar drinks.

probably, the Green Tea be most appreciated as far as confirmed medical results. In the Blue Zone of Okinawa, Japan, people fill a pint-sized jug with tea leaves and sip throughout the day. The drink is high in a type of antioxidant known as flavanols, which have been linked to lowering bad cholesterol. There are studies that have shown a relationship between the consumption of green tea and better cardiovascular health in general. Essential blood nutrients strengthen capillaries, regulate circulation, promote the absorption of vitamin C and improve collagen.

black coffee

Lastly, the black coffee It works against the risk of type 2 diabetes, depression, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and liver diseases. Coffee also contains caffeine and is packed with beneficial antioxidants. In fact, according to Buettner, it is the leading source of antioxidants in the American diet. He also adds that coffee is the preferred wake-up drink in Sardinia’s Blue Zone, but in Costa Rica people tend to drink larger amounts of coffee throughout the day.

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