Why is Brazil building a tower taller than the Eiffel in the middle of the Amazon?

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  • BBC World, @bbc_ciencia

image source, BBC World Service

It will reach 325 meters high, but your goal will not be to enjoy the impressive views over the Amazon jungle.

The tower that has already begun to be erected in the heart of the Amazon is a joint project between Brazilian and German scientists and will be a privileged point of observation of the weather.

The instruments of the Torre Alta Amazon Observatory (ATTO, for its acronym in English) will obtain data on greenhouse gases, atmospheric aerosols (solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas) and the climate in the largest tropical forest on the planet .

image source, Thinkstock


The new observatory will analyze how the jungle interacts with the atmosphere.

The researchers hope to use that information to better understand the sources of gas emissions and answer key questions about climate change.

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