With authority, Argentina beats New Zealand 2-0

The Argentine National Team Sub 20already classified to the round of 16 of the worldwill close the group stage of the competition against New Zealand in San Juan with the aim of securing first place.

The team of Javier Mascherano It is measured from 18 with the last rival in the area since I was 18 in the Bicentennial stadium, with transmission television Delaware T&C Sports, Sports and the public televisionand with a draw they will secure the top of the standings.

Emotions broke out in the 12th minute after several attempts by the national team on the goal of the New Zealand goalkeeper with a striking game that also included a goal scored by Ignacio Maestro Puch.

Four minutes later, the correct pressure from the Albiceleste will have a new chance in the match. Gino Infantino had the chance to gain spaces in the last quarter in order to overcome the resistance of Kees Sims and thus score the second goal for the youth team.

The variants of Mascherano

The coach could give rest to some starting players so that they reach the round of 16 at 100%: the winger Valentine Boat I could leave your place Roman Vegabecause he suffered a blow to one of the knees, and Brian Aguirre I could go back to once for matias soule either Juan Gauto.

besides, Lautaro Di Lolo he would return to the central defense in defense to replace Tomas Avileswho saw the red card against Guatemala and has to serve a suspension date.

Formations New Zealand vs Argentina

Argentina: Federico Gomes Gerth; Juan Gauto, Lautaro Di Lollo, Valentin Gomez, Roman Vega; Ignacio Miramon, Federico Redondo; Brian Aguirre, Luka Romero, Gino Infantino; Ignacio Master Puch. DT: Javier Mascherano.

New Zealand: Kees Sims, Finn Linder, Finn Surman, Aaryan Raj; Jackson Jarvie, Jackson Manuel, Fin Conchie, Adam Supyk; Norman Garbett, Oliver Colloty, and Noah Karunaratne. DT: darren bazelley.